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Obituary Notes: Sheikh Abdullah Azam Islahi: ( Kumar Ramakutti)


            I’m really shocked and saddened to hear about the sudden death of brother Abdullah Azam of Puttalam. He is an old boy from Puttalam Zahira college.  He completed his primary and secondary education at Puttalam Zahira college. He was one of the brightest students at this college. He excelled in his studies and passed his year five scholarship with a high score among all other students. Moreover, as soon as he completed his GCSE, he entered Islamiyah Arabic colleges to continue his studies at this esteemed seat of learning for Islamic studies. 

           He is really graced and blessed by Almighty Allah. He reverted to Islam in his teenage. It is really a divine blessing to embrace the faith of Islam in this early teenage life. While many other teenagers are engaging in indulgence and enjoyment,  this little Kumar Ramakutti was chosen by Almighty Allah to read about the religion of Islam and guided by Allah to the right path of Islam. This reminds me of the life and story of the famous companion of the prophet Muhammed. Musab ibn Umair was one of the teenagers to respond to the invitation of the Prophet Muhammad.  Undoubtedly, the Islamic faith inspires and allures the youths with pure hearts. Pure hearts and minds that are unpolluted with secular and atheist ideologies are naturally inspired by the message of Islam. He hails from a Tamil family, yet he lived by his faith with a strong conviction until his death. Neither his societal influence nor his family influence distracted him from his strong faith in Islam. That is why I say that he is blessed by Almighty Allah to choose the right path in his life. All those societal influences and hindrances did not stand between him and his faith. He strongly believed that his eternal salvation lies in his faith and Iman in the religion of Islam. 

  There is no doubt to accept Islam in his teenage is a great blessing from Allah.  Allah has blessed us with countless blessings and gifts. Everything in the universe is created for us. Sun, Moon, Earth, and all that is on this earth all are created for us to benefit. Everything is subjected to the man in this universe for his benefit and yet, all these blessings come to an end when our worldly life ends. Nevertheless, the blessing of Islam will give us eternal happiness in this life and the next life to come. Therefore, being a Muslim is the greatest blessing in this world. Sheikh Abdullah is blessed with this blessing of Islam in his teenage. Allah considers this one of his greatest blessings over all other worldly blessings. “  Today, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My blessing upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion” (  Qur’an 5:3) 

Sheikh Abdulla Azam was so grateful to Allah for this great blessing that Allah has bestowed upon him. Therefore,  since he embraced Islam, he dedicated his life to Islam. He entered the Islamiyah Arabic college and dedicated his life to studying Islam. As soon as he graduated, he joined the editorial team of the al-Hasanath Monthly Islamic magazine and contributed to its development tirelessly for many years. He is blessed with eloquent  Tamil language skills, and he articulates beautifully in his writing.  He dedicated his writing skills to Islamic missions and Islamic works alone. Although I have not met him, I have read some of his articles. His writing reflects his emotional and sentimental attachment to his faith and Islamic missions. 

            While many youths in our community dream to go abroad to earn money and wealth, Abdullah Azam chooses to stay in Sri Lanka and dedicate his life to Islam and Islamic works. His decision to stay in Sri Lanka and work for Islam tells us a lot about his strong conviction and faith. 

May Allah forgive his sins and bless him with Jannat Al-Firdaus.  My heartfelt condolence to his family and his children. May Allah strengthen their faith and console them in this difficult time.  

 He is survived by his wife Muneera Begum, his bothers Jeeva, Manju, Raghunath, and Ravi, his children, Fazal, Puttalam science college, Mubashara Hajar, Islamic ladies’ college, Bilal, Erukkalampitiya Muslim secondary school, Zilal, Zahira National College. His funeral will take place tomorrow in Puttalam at 9 am. 


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