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The obituary notes: Sheikh Abdul Bari (Naleemi)

- By Dr SLM RIFAI: UK  -

 It is with both human emotion and sorrow that I’m sharing news of the sudden passing of Sheikh Abdul Bari. I’m really saddened to hear this sad news today morning. He returned to Almighty Allah on 04/05/2022. May Allah forgive him and grace him with His mercy. He hails from a very religious family in Yatiyanthota, Sri Lanka. He is the son of the late marhoom Sanoon and Ummu Aisha of Yatiyanthota. 

          He did his primary education in his hometown and continued his higher education at Jamiah Naleemiah, Beruwala.  He completed his Naleemiah Licentiate certificate course for seven years and passed it with the second upper class. Moreover, he continued his special degree at Peradeniya university and passed it with the second upper class as well. On his successful completion of Naleemiah’s higher education course in Islamic studies, he was appointed as a lecturer at Jamiah Naleemiah. 

             While he was working at Jamiah Naleemiah he was appointed as a Lecturer in Islamic studies at the University of Peradeniya. With Almighty Allah's grace, he completed his MPhil degree within three years and was appointed as a senior lecturer. He has thoroughly studied the origin, history, and development of Arabic colleges in Sri Lanka. His MPhil thesis is one of the rare studies on the development of Islamic institutes in Sri Lanka. No one has written extensively on the origin and history of Arabic colleges in Sri Lanka until he has done his research on this topic. He has worked hard and dedicated a lot of his time and energy to doing this research. He travelled across the country to collect research materials on this topic, and he interviewed many people in Arabic college to complete his research successfully. 

 He has taught  Arabic and Islamic studies at Peradeniya university for more than 20 years and produced hundreds of students.  He has earned the respect of hundreds of students at Peradeniya. He is a very quiet and calm personality, and he is a very much pious and religious person.  He was getting on well with everyone. He is very much strong in his faith and religious practice. He has been actively engaging in social and religious activities. He is a good prolific writer and academic. He used to deliver religious lectures, talks and Friday sermons for many years. He dedicated his time and life to Islam and to Muslim education in Sri Lanka. 

       He is survived by his wife Kannzul Fahima, and his children Azeem, Ayas, Aisha, Amana and Akib. May Allah forgive all his sins and reward him Jannat al-Firdaus. His funeral will take place at 4 pm today (Monday: 05/12/2022) at  Al- Ameeniah mosque graveyard in Thihariyah. 

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