March 26, 2021

Why do we need religious seminaries in Sri Lanka..?


It has been reported that the government of Sri Lanka is planning to close some Arabic colleges. The Sri Lankan parliamentarians are debating this topic these days. Yet, the government has not finalised what Madrasas to be closed and what not be closed. However, Arabic college education has come under strict scrutiny of the government in recent time. There is not any connection between Easter Sunday attack and the Sri Lankan Muslim community. The Entire Muslim community has condemned this attack. No Sri Lankan Muslim supported this attack except those radicals who committed this heinous crime. No Arabic college supported this crime, and no Islamic organization supported this crime except Zahran and his cohort. 
The Muslim community cannot be blamed at all for the Easter Sunday attack. This Zahran cult was created by some internal and external forces. Truth will never come out about this attack. It will remind as an open secret for years to come. Therefore, punishing Muslim youths in the name of Easter Sunday attack does not make any sense. There is not any legitimate reason for the government to punish hundreds of Muslim youths for the crime they have not committed. Today, Muslim youths are forcefully taken out of their homes in the pretext of radicalism and extremism. Mr Asad Shally, the former Western province Governor has been arrested for no crime he has committed. He was accused of many things that he never said or did? His words are taken out of context or misinterpreted as if Sri Lanka has no legal experts. Likewise, the former leader of Sri Lankan Jamathe-Islami Ustaz Hajjul Akbar has been arrested for no crime he has committed except his brother’s sons were reported to have demolished some Buddhist statutes. In the pretext of the Easter Sunday attack, the Sri Lankan government has been planning to close some Arabic colleges. There is no point in closing any Arabic college. In fact, Arabic colleges are producing good human beings. These colleges promote human values, ethics, and moral principles. These colleges are identical with Buddhist religious seminaries. As Buddhist religious seminaries inculcate Buddhist teaching, ethics and Buddhist moral values in the minds and hearts of Buddhist children, these Arabic colleges also promote Islamic moral and ethical values in the minds and hearts of Muslim children. In fact, these seminaries produce a generation of good citizens. Moreover, these voluntary initiatives help Sri Lankan government to reduce crimes and anti-social behaviours. Therefore, the government must support and encourage the establishment of all these religious seminaries in the country to promote peace and social harmony among communities. There is no doubt that the Arabic college syllabus must be reformed, updated, and upgraded. The Sri Lankan Muslim community must take a collective initiative with the support of the government to reform the syllabus of the Arabic colleges across the nation. It is a collective responsibility of the Sri Lankan Muslim community to do so without any delay. In fact, some academics and intellectuals have already started some reformative programs to update Arabic colleges. 
It is regrettable to note that some people are trying to spread rumours and fabricated stories about Jamiah Naleemiah institution in Sri Lanka. Jamiah Naleemiah is internationally recognised Islamic university. It was established in 1974 by late al-Hajj Naleem JP. Successive Sri Lankan governments have been fully supporting this institution. I still remember how late Presidents JR Jayewardene and R. Premadasa praised the contribution of Naleemiah institution. The late president JR was a chief guest when Jamiah Naleemiah published a historical book about the origin and history of Sri Lankan Muslim community at BMCH in 1986. He highly appreciated the role and contribution of Jamiah Naleemiah and its academics for the educational development in Sri Lanka. Late president R. Premadasa visited the premises of Jamiah Nalemiah and highly appreciated the Sinhalese language skills and eloquence of Jamiah graduates. More than 30 Sinhalese academics and prominent historians visited Jamiah Naleemiah on many occasions. Many of them have praised the dedication of al-Hajj Naleem to establish this esteem institution. In fact, more than 15 prominent Sinhalese historians contributed to the book published by Jamiah Naleemiah. All these academics who visited Jamiah Naleemiah appreciated and praised the marvellous contribution of Jamiah Naleemiah. Jamiah Naleemiah was established with a noble mission of developing education in Sri Lanka. Jamiah Naleemiah does not have any affiliation or connection with any Islamic groups. It is an independent private institution. It is a unique institution that offers both religious and secular education at once. It prepares its graduates for an external degree programme at Peradeniya University.
Since 1978, University of Peradeniya has been offering external degree certificates for its graduates. Since its inception in 1974 it has produced at least one thousand graduates so far. It has been functioning as an independent university providing education a large numbers of Sri Lankan Muslim youths who are unable to secure university placements in national universities. In fact, al-Hajj Naleem has done great service to Sri Lankan government by establishing this institution. In this way, he took away burdens of Sri Lankan government to provide education for a portion of Muslim youths. In fact, Naleemiah graduates have been greatly contributing to Sri Lanka in many ways. Its graduates are working in many private and government sectors. They have been contributing greatly in many high commissions abroad representing the national interest of Sri Lanka. Because, the graduates of Naleemiah are so good in Arabic language. So, to secure the national interest of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka badly needs some Sri Lankan nationals to work in Sri Lankan embassies in Middle East. In fact, the graduates of Naleemiah are promoting Sri Lankan national interest in many Middle East countries. Naleemiah graduates greatly contribute to educational development in Sri Lanka. Many of its graduates are working as university lecturers, school principals and school teachers and in many education department. They are indeed, a national asset for Sri Lanka in many ways. They are economically contributing to Sri Lanka as well. Many of its graduates are holding high posts in Middle East countries with their Arabic knowledge skills. In return, they bring a lot of remittance to Sri Lanka with their high profile jobs. Naleemiah graduates are working in many international universities as professors, lecturers and academics.
All these graduates preserve the Sri Lankan national reputation internationally. They protect good will of this nation abroad. They interact with international community to bring wealth and fortunes to Sri Lanka. None of Naleemiah graduate has damaged the good name of Sri Lanka either locally or internationally. All Naleemiah graduates are national asset to this nation. They have immensely contributing to this nation in many ways and yet, to belittle the contribution of this esteemed seat of learning is not ethically and morally right at all. After all, this institution is promoting peace and harmony among all communities. Its mission is to promote peace among all religious groups. Naleemiah has been working with leaders of different religious communities to promote peace in Sri Lanka.
In fact, it has been immensely contributing for all peace initiatives. It has been contributing for national building process in many ways. Yet, some section of people in Sri Lanka for some personal and dogmatic differences do not like to see the good works of this esteem institution. These people should visit this institution and see by their naked eyes all good works of this institution. In fact, Sri Lanka badly needs to develop Arab tourism in Sri Lanka to increase its tourism industries. If only Sri Lankan government knows how to make use of Naleemiah graduates to promote Arab tourism, Sri Lanka could have done far better in tourism industry. Moreover, Naleemiah graduates protect and promote the national interest of Sri Lanka. None of them will harm this nation in any way. So, there is no need to spread rumours and lies about this national institution. It is a moral duty of Sri Lankan higher education ministry to provide its academic and financial support to develop this institution as one of its private universities. It is the moral duty of each and every Sri Lankan to support this institution because it promotes not merely the interest of the Muslim community alone rather the national interest of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka must be proud to have such an esteem institution in its soil. Naleemiah will never promote any radical ideological group. It promotes only a moderate form of Islam. It does not belong to any groups. Its mission is to promote education in Sri Lanka. It does not have any political affiliation. 
Today, westerners are learning Arabic to earn a good fortune in Middle Eastern countries. Unfortunately, we have failed to educate our migrant communities in Arabic. As a result of this, Sri Lankan migrant communities are losing good salaries in Middle East. Naleemiah graduates are ideal candidates with their Sinhalese knowledge to teach Arabic language to all Sri Lankan professionals who migrant to Middle Eastern countries. yet, sri Lankan government does not know how to make use of its national potentiality in this respect. Rather than appreciating the hard works and dedication of Naleemiah graduates to the nation building process and development of Sri Lankan, some elements are trying spread rumours without any substantial evidence. Naleemiah graduates enhance this nation with their skills and talents. They will never engage in any detrimental activities at all. They have been promoting a moderation among Muslim community of Sri Lanka. They have been working against all form of extremism and radicalism. They have been working with some highly educated prelates to promote peace and community harmony in Sri Lanka and yet, to blame these graduates without any evidence is nothing but a false accusation.

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