October 29, 2020

Obituary notes on sheikh Mubarak Madani

By Dr SLM RIFAI (Naleemi) UK   

I was shocked to hear the sudden death of sheikh Mubarak Madani on 27/10/2020.  Marhoom Sheikh Mubarak hails from a religious family from the Muslim village of Malwana. Marhoom Sheikh Mubarak was born in 1949.  He continued his primary education in his village. He joined the Ghafooriya Arabic college in 1963 and graduated in 1970. He was awarded a prestigious scholarship to read for his higher education at Madina Islamic university in the Holy city of Madina in 1973. He successfully completed his degree in Islamic studies from Madina university and returned to Sri Lanka in 1978. Securing a scholarship to Madina university has been one of rare opportunities in those days in 1970s. With grace of Allah, late Murhoom Mubarak secured this scholarship for his talent and knowledge in Arabic and Islamic science. 

            Ghafooriya Arabic college was one of leading Arabic colleges in Sri Lanka in 1950s, 1960s and 1970s (still it is).  Students came to this prestigious Arabic college from all over the Island.  This Arabic college has been providing a wonderful religious education service for our community since its inception. It has been one of pioneering Arabic colleges in Sri Lanka. It has produced some of the best Islamic scholars.  Late Thaseem Moulavi, Riyal Moulavi, Ruhul Haque Moulavi, and many leading Muslim scholars are graduates of this historical Arabic college. Two leading Indian scholars ( late Murhoom Shamsudeed Hazrath and Umar Hazrath) worked as principals of Arabic college for a long time. It was under their religious leadership and guidance, Marhoom Mubarak was educated and trained in Islamic sciences. I came to know about these two Indian Muslim scholars through my uncle. They  were excellent principals who dedicated their life in Sri Lanka for Islamic education. Sri Lankan Muslim community owe to greatly for these Indian Muslim scholars. 

            Soon After he graduated from Madina he came to Sri Lanka and started working as a teacher in Ghafooriya Arabic college and Jamiah Naleemiah. I was fortunate enough to learn from him for two years. 

( 1980/1981academic years). I still remember his lessons in Arabic grammar and morphology. He was a wonderful teacher with some excellent charismatic qualities in his interaction with students. He always appeared in the class with a smiling face. He has a good interpersonal quality to get on well with all his colleagues and students. 

               He dedicated entire his life for dawa and education. It is indeed, a divine grace to service more than 50 years in the field of Islamic education.  I still remember his talks in the Muslim service of SLBC. He dedicated more than one decade for a series of talks on Islamic jurisprudence. He was blessed with good language skills to deliver his sermons and talks. He has written many books on different Islamic topics.  Marhoom Mubarak also dedicated a greater part of his life for Ghafooria Arabic college as well. He worked as a principal in Ghafooria Arabic college for more than two decades. He produced hundreds of students. He was a dynamic personality and fully engaged in all kind of social works. 

             He provided a remarkable service at ACJU. He worked as secretary general of ACJU for a long time. During all communal violent attacks against the Muslim community, he worked day and night to protect Muslim community. Despite the risk involved for members of ACUJ, he dared to provide a wonderful service during the precarious  situation for Sri Lankan Muslim community.  He has been a spokesperson for ACJU many times.  

 Above all this service, he has been delivering sermons and religious talks in many mosques all over the country. Mostly in Colombo city and in his village. 

May Allah accept all his good deeds and reward him with Jennath al-Firdous. May Allah grace him with mercy and blessing. 

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