June 05, 2019

JVP முன்மொழிந்துள்ள அபாயகரமான யோசனைகள் - முஸ்லிம்களை முடக்கி, இஸ்லாத்தை அழிக்க திட்டமா...?

இனவாதத்தையும், மதவாதத்தையும் தோற்கடித்து  தேசிய  பாதுகாப்பு மற்றும்  பொதுமக்களின்  பாதுகாப்பையும் தேசிய ஒற்றுமையையும்  உறுதிப்படுத்தும்  நோக்கில் மக்கள் விடுதலை முன்னணி (ஜே.வி.பி) யினால் வகுக்கப்பட்ட  விசேட   ஆலோசனைகளை வெளியிடும்  நிகழ்வு  செவ்வாய்க்கிழமை மாலை -04- கொழும்பு இலங்கை மன்றக்கல்லூரியில் இடம் பெற்றது.

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Good Proposal by JVP. Hatsoff to them

This act may give the dificutls situation Toto all race. This is not better to our country

Their proposals are good on paper and for making public speeches. Practically they can't be implemented. We can't have Muslim names and follow a different culture.

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Islamic way of living is defines by Quran and Hadees (Traditions). If anything against this LAW will not be accepted.
First of all, Sri Lankan law makers should understand this Universal Islamic Basics.
Example 1: The connection between a Muslim and his Masjid is different from followers of many other religions; minimum Five Times a day a Muslim visits a Masjid, but others don’t do so frequently; so, a Masjid in every locality becomes essential, unlike others.
Example 2: A Muslim female doesn’t exhibit her beauty in public. So, the so called art and culture of male-female mingling is not accepted. And dance and music is also not accepted.
Example 3: A Muslim lends money, without interest, to a needy. Also he pays charity lavishly, both dictated and recommended amounts in Islam.
Example 4: Men and women are married as soon as they biologically attain their age, in order to safeguard them from illicit sex and diseases like Aids. Quran is the only religious book on the face of the earth which has got the phrase “marry only one”, but it gives permission to have more than one wife, up to four, if necessity arises. This is also to safeguard them from illicit sex and diseases like Aids.
If you the Law Makers do not accept such Islamic Concepts, you are violating my constitutional rights! This is not a Buddhist Republic or Sinhalese Republic, but a Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, so the Democracy and Fundamental Rights of all must be safe guarded. That means, one has the right to follow and practice any religion or ideology. One has the right to dress the way he wants, covering the whole body, including the face, or walking half naked. He has the right to learn and speak any language he wants. He has the right to have his own religious institutions.
Violation of fundamental rights is the beginning of turmoil in the country! Please don’t do that, under any agenda of sinister-disguise!
So, when the constitutional rights of every Sri Lankans are given the first preference, then only a friendly living will become a possibility.

We should ask these latest reformers that where did you invent this common law practicing in SL? You borrowed it from various roots from Europe disregarding your own customs. Even the customary law doesn't have your customs. You borrow drom somewhere and and force us to abide. Isn't it. Not everything but laws borrowed from Europe is totallr against more than 3 communities of this country and against their belief, customs and practices.

Can we apply the commr dress code to monk and priest or either?

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