November 16, 2016

இப்படியும் ஓரு போஸ்டர்

இப்படியும் ஓரு போஸ்டர்

5 கருத்துரைகள்:

For what.....pls can you stop these nonesense..!

good work.. all hardcore shoud be arrested.

Useless... how can you compare Razick with him. RAZICK never talk racist comments against Buddhist as Ganasaro and his groups did. He commented against racist only.. protesting is our rights... how bodubalasene can be interfered and threaten us... who has given the right to them? If SLTJ asked this and talk against BBS,they will be called racist... this is what happening here.. Now our so called Muslims organizations and leaders also supports and they are happy... SLTJ is fighting in democratic way for entire Muslim community... so better keep in mind...

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