August 08, 2016

பிறேசில் ஒலிம்பிக்கில் அரை நிர்வாண, ஜேர்மனியுடன் மோதிய ஹிஜாபிய பெண்கள் (படங்கள்)

பிறேசில் ஒலிம்பிக்கில் அரை நிர்வாண ஜேர்மனியுடன் மோதிய ஹிஜாபிய பெண்கள் (படங்கள்)

It is a fast and furious sport played under the sun and famed for its revealing attire - with a practical uniform of bikinis for women and board shorts for men. 

But these pictures show the contrasting cultures among some of the nations taking part in the Rio Olympics after the Egyptian women's beach volleyball team took to the sandy arena wearing long sleeves and leggings.

The outfit, used by Nada Meawad and Doaa Elghobashy, who also covered her head with a hijab, was in stark contrast to their German rivals Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst who stuck to the sport's traditional two-piece outfit for the clash last night.

6 கருத்துரைகள்:

Thewai thana indha naigalukku ippadi patta vilaiyattugal ellam.

Hijaab is not only Dressing but also avoiding evil actions of heart, limps , mouth and eyes ect.,

Hope this message has nothing to praise the dress code of hijab rather it is to insult the dress code, which also prevents such play with naked women face to face.

May Allah Guide us in the path of SALAF us Saliheens and Protect our brothers and sisters from innovating and finding alternative to follow the kuffars way of bringing women to open stage.

i Agreed with Brother Rasheed really no meaning of wearing Hijab and playing with negate women

Yenda nonnaikala ...Ungalukku Sports na ennanu theriumada , beach volleyball na enna nu theriumanda .. ungaloda kevalamana paarvaiya sportslauma da papinga ... neengalum and new poda reporterum yen kaila ketachinga konte puduven ..... Madurai karan da

sportla mattum thiranthu potal parwa sariyahidum kattilla thiranthu poatta mattum thawara ennada logic

sport ethartkaha udal aroakkiyaththukkuatha poyi publicca caattawa wenum ithellam illuminati adimaigal/rasheed well done

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