July 14, 2016

ஞானசாரருக்கு எதிராக இன்றும் 2 வழக்குகள்

*RRT Legal update - MC Fort*

Two cases against Ganasara Himi and 6 other members of BBS to be take up today at Fort Magistrate Courts.

*1. Defaming Quran case.*
CCD concluded the investigation and referred the file  to AG. It is AG's department to inform the progress since this is an indictable offence.

*2. Disruption/assult on JBS press conference at hotel Nippon.*
 Charges were filed but CCD wanted AGs sanction to proceed the trial.

Maithree Gunaratne, Sarath Siriwardena, A Liyanarachchi with RRT Attorneys will appear for the prosecution.


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