June 16, 2017

இலங்கையிலுள்ள கட்டார் தூதரகம் விடுத்த அறிக்கை

-Press Release-

The Embassy of the State of Qatar wishes to bring to the notice of the general public of Sri Lanka regarding the recent developments in Gulf after the decision by the Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain to sever their diplomatic and consular relations and to close their borders and airspaces with the State of Qatar over baseless allegations since 05 June 2017.

The above Diplomatic rift has not affected the normal course of life of the citizens of the State of Qatar and the residents and expatriates including Sri Lankans. The situation is under “full control” since the Government of Qatar has taken long ago all the necessary measures to guarantee the normal course of life in case any development arises. 

The maritime ports and the airfield remains open for imports, transit, and flights to all countries except the countries that closed their borders and airspace access. 

The energy sector and economy are operating as normal and no any impact has been felt on supplies of food or other goods. Qatar is responding to the crisis by diversifying its economy even more.

The Government of the State of Qatar is “extremely comfortable” with its financial position, with the resources to endure the pressure. 

Therefore, there is no any reason that people need to be concerned about what’s happening in the region. 

The Embassy also wishes to request the general public of Sri Lanka not to be misled by the totally false and fabricated news items circulated by interested parties from the countries that served their ties with Qatar.  

Embassy of the State of Qatar 

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