September 29, 2016

Palestine & Death of Shimon Peres:

Dr SLM Rifai.Naleemi.

28/09/2016 former prime Minister of Israel died at age of 93. what legacy he has left to the humanity? He may been as a hero in the hearts of some Zionists and western political leaders and yet, injustice he has done to Palestinian people will be not forgotten for ever by humanity and 1.6 billion Muslims all over the world will not forget what he has done to Muslim people in Palestine. Indeed, Humanity except Zionist agents are against all atrocities that have been committed on innocent Palestine people.

Today, people in Palestine are butchered and murdered in broad day light in front of live cameras. Even children and teenage boys and girls are being killed and tortured in broad day light in front of cameras. Literally, four Million Palestine people are living in an open prison like slaves in this so called modern civilized world.

This is the legacy of this man who died at the age of 93. How many thousands innocent Palestinians may have been killed or chased out, of tortured with the wrong policies of this man and Israel political leadership.
In this modern world the ethics and moral principles have been changed and redefined as each and every community likes...Israel is founded on a land that was carved out from someone else was British who helped the creation of Israel.. Under so called Balfour Declaration this land of the second Holy mosque for more than 1.6 billion Muslims was handed over to Jews people who migrated from all parts of the world. The foundation of this Israel state is laid on the land that had been grabbed from innocent people of Palestine.

Thus, Israel is illegally created country in the world map today .There was no such a country before 1948. ...1.6 billion Muslims all over the world strongly declare that Israel was a created by by British government in 1948 and west has been protecting it for its own interest in the ME. Mr George Galloway the former British MP.openly says that British government had done a great injustice for the people of Palestine. ( steal someone else land and donate it to a third person..What right does Britain has got to do this?) This was the question repeatedly asked by him..

This Palestine occupation by Israel may seem good for some morally corrupted western powers to protect its interest in ME and yet, it is morally wrong . You do not need to seek evidence for this from any history book. but your consciousness will tell you that it is a wrong policy of western power to support Israel unconditionally. The consciousness of humanity tells us that it is a wrong policy . UN and all human rights commission which are controlled by Zionism may disagree but consciousness of heart would not go with this Zionism that kills thousands of innocent people in Palestine: That is why we see Billions of people are against this Israel aggression.

After years of sickness and health problems, Today Mr Shimon Peres met his creator and Lord, whatever Zionists may say about him and yet he met his creator and lord of this universe with blood of thousands of innocent people..

We Muslims and Jewish community have some identical theological issues. We all believe that God will question all of us on the Day of Judgement? there are so many theological similarities between Jewish and Muslim faith.. ( King Solomon said " The dust will return to the ground as it was and the spirit will return to God who gave it" Ecclesiastes: 12: 17). We Muslims too share this faith in that we all belong to God and we all return to him). Now

Whatever reasons and rationales we may say for the creation of is not us human beings who judge the legacies of Mr Shimon Peres but rather creator of this universe and the Lord of universe will judge him and he will pay the price for what he has done. This may look odd for the secularist Zionist and atheists of western political leaders and yet, for the believers of both Muslim and Jewish people this is a part of their belief.

Supporters of Zionism may praise him as a statesman or founding father of Israel and yet who will be there for him on that Day of Judgment 

For any materialistic man who doesn't believes in Judgment Day his legacies may be heroic in defense of Israel and yet, no soul can.protect him.from divine punishments on that Day when humanity returns to its Lord. 

It is said that he helped to build up his country’s formidable military might and to expand its territories.. literally it means to looted land of Palestine people. It is also said that he tried hard to establish a lasting peace with Israel’s Arab neighbors.

These are wrong legacies of this man. 
He robbed the land of Palestinian people,
He was behind the murder of thousands of innocent Palestinians,
He expanded illegal settlements, 
He built up his military to serve western interest in ME.
He went to war with Arab nations in many time.
In the name of hundreds of peace talk he cheated Arab leaders.
These are some of the legacies of this man who meets his Lord with blood of innocent people in his hand.. Today, we all say good bye to him and but his fate will rest in the hands of Lord who created all humanity and Lord of humanity would not do any injustice
All injustice that have been committed on the people.of Palestine will be paid off ..Today Palestine people will say that justice will be done to this man by his Lord..He may have been protected by American and British for his expansion of settlement and yet Today no American and no British can save his soul from.the punishment of his Creator and Lord of this universe...
Today people of Palestine feel relief that justice will be done for the longest Israel statement who looted their land and who killed many of innocent people in Palestine
Justice is unconditional for all. There is no one type of justice for Palestine people and another type for Israel people...

Today, justice is twisted by supper powers in this modern world. Mighty is always right in this world.. but beyond this physical world there is a moral world. In that world Lord of this universe will bring each one of us into justice. ..but justice can not be twisted on that Day.....Our Lord and Creator will never and ever manipulate His justice...It unconditional justice to all poor and rich, weak and wrong will have same justice..

Today, world leaders are flying to pay respect to his dead body and yet, only God knows what hold for his soul in front its Lord... No one protect him from divine judgement 
So now people.of Palestine will be relieved that today this man will get justice and he will be questioned for all his actions by his and our Creator. 

May Allah make this man's death as a lesson to Israel political leadership to stop expansion and do justice to the people of Palestine? May Allah make this man's death as warning to Israel army to stop killing of innocent children of Palestine..
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