February 26, 2020

மஹர பள்ளிவாசலில் சிலைவைப்பு குறித்து பேச்சு

Today I had a conversation with the Commissioner of Prison Department and I raised the matter of depriving the rights of Muslim worshipers at Mahara Prison Mosque which has been utilized for more than 100 years for daily prayers.

This pathetic action of some officers who are working in Mahara Prison brought a very negative image to.the whole Prison Department and this type of unethical move by a state institution itself is not healthy for Sri Lanka in the global stage specially in the current ongoing situation at the United Nations Human Rights Council session in Geneva.

This commissioner Chandana is a wonderful Gentleman officer. He is totally in agreement with my views on regard to this blatant violation and unethical move by the Mahara prison officers during a time that our country is moving towards a healing the wound process among the communities. Mahara Prison administration should be answerable for this blunder. I will meet the Commissioner General of Prison Department and the Secretary of the Justice Ministry if there is no any developments to this issue in the upcoming days.

Muheed Jeeran 
International Human Rights Activist

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Please if u mention your mobile,number, then it will useful for everyone for a emergency situation.

Masha Allah. May Allah help you with this task.

Thank you Mr. Muheed Jeeran.
So far your news only have reached in media while there are sleeping hatred ful Politicians.

We wish all the best and eagerly will be waiting for update on this please.

You have proved your gentleness.

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