April 10, 2019

புதிய காத்தான்குடியில் மிகப்பெரிய, ஜூம்ஆ பள்ளிவாசல் உருவாகிறது

கிழக்கு மாகாண ஆளுநர் கலாநிதி எம்.எல்.ஏ.எம்.ஹிஸ்புல்லாஹ்வின் அழைப்பின் பேரில் இன்று -10- மட்டக்களப்புக்கு வருகை தந்த சவுதி நாட்டுக்குழுவினர் புதிய காத்தான்குடி பெரிய ஜூம்ஆ பள்ளிவாயலின் கட்டிட அபிவிருத்திப்பணிகளையும் நேரில் சென்று பார்வையிட்டனர்.

3 கருத்துரைகள்:

What this village needs not merely mosques rather education Centers and institutions.
This village will be over crowded in 30 years time .
People do not have space to build any more house in that one mile space village?
Educated people and professionals must think about it ..do plan what could do for this in a long term..
Some times; stupid clerics want to ruin this village in the name of religion.good intention alone not enough but good planing needs .
Do not expect that you could good ideas for this from outside the country ..

Let's start with a beautiful Masjid, then gradually build a vocational training institute, a community centre, Hospital & Health Services etc. we can have vertical structures like multi storey buildings in Hong Kong to save space. 30 years is a long way to go, we don't know what new technologies will evolve by then. The main thing is to have a vision then a mission could be achieved.

Arabization of this some Muslim villages would not help us to build community harmony and peace. Think about our context, social reality, and wider contexts of Muslim communities in Sri Lanka and abroad. politicians with lack of knowledge will try to fool public to get votes. This village will its population of over 50 thousands does not have enough space to breath? yet, this minister is wasting money in many unwanted project. this is no short cut way to go to Paradise. Free Saudi oil money is spent in many unsustainable projects in the word? Oh Allah guide the Saudi clerics with your wisdom..

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