May 21, 2017

''முஸ்லிம் பிரதிநிதிகள் தனித்து இயங்குவார்கள்”

“முஸ்லிம் மக்களுக்கு எதிராக முன்னெடுக்கப்பட்டு வரும் தாக்குதல் நடவடிக்கையினை நிறுத்த அரசாங்கம் உடன் நடவடிக்கை எடுக்காவிடின், நாடாளுமன்றத்தில் முஸ்லிம் பிரதிநிதிகள் தனித்து இயங்குவார்கள்” என்று, நாடாளுமன்ற உறுப்பினர் முஜிபுர் ரஹ்மான் தெரிவித்துள்ளார்.

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வாய்ச்சொல் வீரர்கள!!????(கோழைகள்)
21 எச்சப்பொறுக்கிகள் நாய்கள் சேருப்பால் அடித்து வீதியில் ஒட விடனும் இதை செய்யாதவரை நம்முடைய சமுதாயத்தில் உயர்வு வராது,ஒவ்வொரு தொழுகைக்கும் பிறகும் அல்லாஹ்விடம் பிராத்திப்போம

"The Muslim Voice" appreciates your frankness and upfront statement regarding this/these Muslim "deceptive and hypo-critic" politician/s.
These politicians will stage dramas by releasing "press statements" because all of them have been well taken care by the Yahapalana government and the foreign interests who are giving them large amounts of funding to keep their mouth shut. These are Muslim politicians who DO NOT HAVE A POLITICAL PRINCIPLE OR IDEOLOGY. For their personal gains, they will do anything trying to show the Muslims that they are the “SAVIOURS” of the community, but “DECEPTION” is what they do, all of them. Their objective is to dupe the Muslim voters and get their votes by deceiving the poor Muslims during elections and become elected and then do NOTHING to the community. This is to cover-up his own "DEFAULTS" of deception and hoodwinking Mujeebu did during all his political campaigns, being a member of many political parties during the bygone local elections and during the 2010 and 2015 Presidential and General elections. MP. Namal Rajapaksa revealed in the political talk programme - "BALAYA - May 18th., 2017" (last week) how Mujeebu Rahuman has been working as an ally of Mahinda Rajapaksa and that Mujeebu Rahuman participated in the 1992 "Mahinda paadayathraya", when Mujeebu Rahuman was making false statements about Mahinda Rajapaksa.The TRUE STORY is that the UNP has decided to remove ineffective and non-productive Electoral Organizers in the near future and Mujeebu Rahuman falls within that category. MP Mujeebu Rahuman, by staging this drama (making a press statement) wants to show that he is the champion of the fight to regain the lost achievements of the community over the past 20 years as he states in his press release. Doing so, he is thereby trying to DUPE the Jamath of the Muslims living in Colombo Central so that Mujeebu Rahuman can go to them and dupe them again to vote for his present party - the UNP at the forthcoming Municipal Council elections. The time has come that these tricksters have to be challenged and EXPOSED to Safe Guard the Rights and DIGNITY of the Sri Lanka Muslim UMMAH, Insha Allah. This is what "THE MUSLIM VOICE" is striving to do from the wilderness of the Muslim political arena, Insha Allah. Therefore "The Muslim Voice" is praying/crying through all its COMMENTS, that a New Muslim Political Culture has to be born soon and that is the Political message "The Muslim Voice" is trying to send out, Insha Allah. It is ALSO time up that a NEW POLITICAL FORCE that will be honest and sincere that will produce "CLEAN" and diligent Muslim Politicians to stand up and defend the Muslim Community politically and otherwise, especially from among the YOUTH, has to emerge from within the Sri Lanka Muslim Community to face any new election in the coming future, Insha Allah.
Noor Nizam - Convener "The Muslim Voice".

Anti-Muslims hate campaign is not without a history.
In 1995 or 96 when CBK was the president , Biraha
was attacked with grenades in Dalugama , Kelaniya
soon after Jeyaraj Fernandopulle opened it in the
presence of Kelaniya DIG and with the blessings of
CBK ! Who did it ? Why did they do it ? What did
the police do and what did Biraha or Muslim leaders
do at the time to react ? One incident then ,
nothing happened to the culprits and dozens of
similar incidents now and still nothing happens !
And people like NOOR NIZAM are shedding tears for
crocs as crocs' worthwhile friend !YOUR NEW FORCE
training and skills to give the culprits free hand
to operate at more frequencies whenever they feel
fit ! They even recruit our head quarter ULEMMAS
for jobs that can divert attention of victims.
ATTACK.Recent attack on commercial establishments
started from Godapitiya in Akuressa and hit the
latest in Maharagama after some rounds in Galle,
Negombo and Kurunegala.We need to hire experts to
advice us what and how much more to expect and
how this will end .All signs are that the trend
has a steady increase since very long although
some people are trying to pick it up only from
the recent past.No,that is not the case and
Gnanasara is not the only culprit , he is just
another torch bearer .

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