January 22, 2013

Bodubala Sena Interview

Since of late,the Bodubala movement is engaged in divulging shocking details about Muslim community.We have given below the views expressed by the secretary of Bodubalasena Ven.Galagoda Aththe Gnana Sara Thera.
         Today Muslim women are dressed in clothes with their eyes covered as if they are about to pounce upon children.This has caused a problem to the people of this Country.

 The Muslim brothers have been living with us since 1706.They have respected Sinhala culture.They have strangely assimilated themselves with Sinhala culture.At that time,there had never been a problem like Halaal nor there had been this kind of dangerous islamisation.

They did not wear clothes with their eyes covered like “gonibillos”.This has caused a problem today.This is taking place today after three years of the end of war,.How can we,with our open eyes,identify them???Despite the end of war,there is the lurking fear of bombs going off anytime.In such a situation,how can we confidently identify these face covering Women???

Then again,this Halaal matter has also come to the scene.Did these Muslims eat Halaal food all this time???The traditional Muslims of this country lived for so long without these Halaal foods.We dare say that these Arabs are conspiring a situation to create rift between the traditional Muslims and Sinhalese.One Arab has sent 300 million rupees to Srilanka to slaughter cows here.

Arabia has decided to renovate/reconstruct the mosques in all towns here while new mosques are planned to be constructed in other towns where there are no mosques at present.If you go to  internet and search ‘Matale’ town,it is referred to as a Muslim town there.Again you go to Maaligawatte street today.There the armed groups with foreign training have acquired a highrise building in the guise of a mosque.There is fear all over there.The islamisation process has begun here today with hectic speed.All this is happening through the funds received from Arabia.This Halaal is a strategy for this exercise which has been designed to infuse Halaal into the consumer society.Srilankan economy will become a Muslim economy.

Earlier Muslims attended mosques only on Fridays,but today they gather on all 5 days a week.Today we witness a large number of Muslims we have not seen in our life.Arabs are also there in large numbers.Muslims are engaged in securing their positions in all spheres including economic and political fields.
We would like to see a traditional Muslim or a Tamil becoming the President of this country.However,he can do so only if he accepts our Srilankan culture

.They propergate the religion by force.The fundarmentalist section of this 10 percent of Muslims has complicated this halaal issue in the society.They try to force this unwanted Halaal into us.
All Ceylon Jammiyathul Ulama Organization was established by Parliament Act in 1927 as a charity organization with 8 objectives

First-being to foster Muslims solidarity
Second- to establish its administrative units in all districts
Third-being to promote Arabic language.
Fourth- being to establish Muslim religious centres.etc

                     They force the traders to get Halaal symbol without any question.”If you don’t get it we won’t eat” they say.This is not the work-the traditional Muslims are engaged in.

You have to pay Rs 1,75,000 to get Halaal certificate on a single item.You multiply this with 4000  items.This amount is for a single year alone! Where will this accumulated huge figure over annual renewal go?.Then what will happen to our Srilankan market.Is the Central Bank aware of this?Why should the Sinhalese and Tamils eat these Halaal food which is acceptable only to Muslims?.Mind you,we are the Buddhists of this country.

According to Buddhism, Allah is a superstitious God.So, we can’t offer pooja to Buddha with the food devoted to superstitious God-Allah.      Alright we will go to Hell.Has Buddha also got to eat Halaal food?This is a very serious matter.We as Buddhists have been so tolerant.

We must take up arms against this forcible activity.They exploit our intelligence through this Halaal.When getting Halaal certificates,we are compelled to give the details of the raw materials.

We have also to give these Muslims the details of food manufactured from the Kurakkan of this Country.We have to give the details of  ingredients.It is the secret formulas of this Country that go to foreign Countries.These people are exploiting us.

Now the biscuits too have been made Halaal.Oh,my god! this biscuit company is making these biscuits-offered to Bodhipooja-a Halaal item! The idiots of this Country should realize this well.Is it communalism for us to talk about these things?

When a Muslim is given bloodm, are they asking if it is Halaal?No.We don’t infact oppose anyone eating Halaal food.We only oppose all the products being made Halaal.You can give as much Halaal food as possible to Muslims.But please don’t force Halaal into Srilanka.You can keep them at mosques and sell them.Today there are super markets in some mosques.There are pharmacies too.You can sell these Halaal items stacked in almiras in shops.We don’t oppose all these.

Hereafter we won’t allow the people of this Country to eat Halaal food.We won’t allow this Country being made Halaal too.

The Prime Minister D.M Jayarathna who is also the Minister of Buddha saasana affairs has been made Halaal by the Arab conspirators. Minister Jonston Fernando too has been made Halaal.He claims he knows nothing about all this. But the entire Country is well aware of  this Halaal matter.Then what is the meaning of his being in that position.

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