July 31, 2020

Why should I vote for JVP in this general election..?

- A Sri Lankan patriotic from London -

                  The proportional representation system of election was  introduced by the late president JR in Sri Lanka.  Thanks to this system. Many minority political parties can secure some seats in the general election due to this system. Now,  some politicians are trying change this system of election to marginalise minority community politically. Any discerning student of politics will know that changing this system will badly affect  all minority political parties. This included all small political parties. It is in the interest of the Sri Lankan democratic tradition to protect this system of election. For this reason, no MPs should support to change this system. In fact, it is predicted this government will win this general election. It is expected that most Sinhalese people will vote for Pohattuwa candidates. This has been a Sri Lankan tradition in all previous elections. It is more likely that the ruling party will win. But I doubt that they can secure a 2/3 majority this time.

                   Sri Lanka is facing  unprecedented  economic challenges today than any time in its history. But public do not have any clue about this economic problem. So, they will go with the national sentiment and will vote for this government.  Yet, they would have to pay a huge price if they voted for this government overwhelmingly. Mahinda family has created a bad political culture in Sri Lanka. if they win 2/3 majority, Sri Lankan democratic tradition will be replaced with the  dictatorial family rule. That will be bad for this nation. Today, UNP is divided. It is claimed that Mahinda wanted to Ranil to do this. This is nothing but a divide and rule policy of Mahinda.  

                   People should vote for JVP this time. Why do I prefer JVP this time?  firstly, they are honest politicians.  They have 6 MP in the parliament right now. All of them are highly qualified. The JVP is the only political party that put the national interest of this country above their own personal interest. They seriously care about the welfare of people.  A  party that puts the country first over their personal interest. They are dedicated for this country. Voting for the JVP is good for the Sri Lankan democracy as well. If JVP could secure at least 20 seats this time that will be good for Sri Lankan democracy. 20 JVP MPs can make a huge difference in Sri Lankan politics. They will shake the Sri Lankan parliament with their debating skills and political rhetoric. That would be good for our country. So, people should carefully think this time when they go to polling booths. If you love this country, try to give at least one vote for JVP from each family. When you go to polling booths, this time consider these facts. 

1) Vote for the most honest candidate among all candidates in your areas: It does not matter if he or she is a Sinhalese, Tamil or a  Muslim candidate If the candidate is honest, able,  and dedicated for the welfare of Sri Lanka vote for them. Do not vote for a dishonest candidate even if he or she is  from your own community. Please stop  communal politics this time. Only vote for qualified and honest candidates. Do not vote on any ethnic, communal, or religious lines. Do not play politics with religion or ethnicity. Sri Lanka badly needs a team of qualified and talented politicians. Give preference to talented, and talented candidates. Do not vote for dishonest and foolish candidates even if they are your own bothers or sisters.  Sri Lanka is at crossroad today. if you do not vote for qualified candidates this time you will give this country to some incompetent MPs who will ruin the economy of this nation. 

2) Vote for any candidate that you feel is more qualified with the vast experience and good qualifications: today, in this modern competitive world of politics, candidates should have some basic qualifications: language skills,  political wisdom, knowledge of geopolitics, experience in politics, and leadership skills. They must have skills to debate national and regional issues in our parliament. They must have creative thinking skills. Otherwise, what is the point in sending incept politicians into parliament to waste public money. Think carefully which party has most qualified candidates. 

3) Vote for any candidates who uphold some good moral and ethical principles: For instance, unconditional justice is one of the most important human values: justice is equal to all: so, think which party is promoting justice in Sri Lanka: so, vote for any party that treats all communities with sense of equality and justice. Do not care what others think but act as your  conscience tells you:

4)  Consider the concept of lesser evil in this election when you vote: Put the national interest of this country above personal or communal interest. Do not go with racial or ethnic politics. That has been harming us for 70 years now and yet, some Sri Lankan politicians are not ready to accept their mistake and to amend their politics. If Sir Lankan economy is strong you and me could benefit if Sri Lankan economy is bad you and me will suffer. If Sri Lanka prospers all communities will prosper so, it is illogical to think communally in Sri Lankan politics. 

 Some political pandits would argue that JVP will not win this election so, what is the point in voting for JVP? We have been telling this for a long time and time has come now to make a change in Sri Lankan politics. As of today, I do not find any honest and able political party to run this nation as I find JVP so, I will definitely vote for JVP and I will encourage all patriotic Sri Lankans if they love Sri Lanka to vote for JVP. Today, most MPs in both main political parties are crooks. No longer we could trust them so, we do not have any good alternative except to vote for JVP. So, vote for JVP.  You do not need to see what happened in this past with JVP. JVP of today is different from the JVP of old days. So, vote for JVP to see a real change in Sri Lankan politics. 

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Those who love justice will vote for the JVP.

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