September 12, 2019

இலங்கைக்கு வந்த போராக்கள் பௌத்த, விகாரையில் எதிர்கொண்ட கசப்பான அனுபவம் (வீடியோ)

இலங்கைக்கு வந்த போராக்கள் பௌத்த, விகாரையில் எதிர்கொண்ட கசப்பான அனுபவம்

9 கருத்துரைகள்:

The Bohra community visitors to Sri Lanka should leave Sri Lanka alone. They should "NOT" create unwanted problems to the Muslim community among the majority Sri Lanka people. The behaviour of the Bohara family/visitors shown in the video is "NOT" acceptable and should not be tolerated. It is very clear that one can understand that these women and men seen in the video have had a hidden agenda to "disgrace" Sri Lanka in the face of the international internet viewers. The police should trace these characters through their pictures/video stills and arrest them at the airport when they are leaving Sri Lanka and probe further their unscrupulous intentions and nip it at the bud. We cannot allow one or two foreigner Bohars to create communal problems to the Muslims in Sri Lanka, Insha Allah.
Noor Nizam - Convener "The Muslim Voice".

It was obvious that these Borah visitors didn’t follow the rules. The sign clearly states to remove shoes and head coverings. If they don’t agree, they shouldn’t have tried to enter the Temple.
Will foreign visitors be allowed into Mosques with shoes on?

Awanga government ku kasu kututhirikkanga thane enna sainchalum pothikittu than irukkonum

வந்த இடத்திலே வாய வச்சிட்டு சும்மா இருங்கப்பா. பிறகு உங்க மேலே உள்ள கோவத்தை இங்க முஸ்லீமுகளுக்கு தான் காட்டுவாங்கள். நீங்க கிளம்புருவீங்க ஆனால் இங்க வாங்குறது யாரு நம்ம ஆக்கள் தானே ....

Is visiting temples part of the ten 10 day program of Bohra's? It's simple if you don't want to remove your head gear just don't go into the temple. If this was India, you would have been lynched by the mobs.

borakkalai singala makkal muslim enru sollumpothu, srilanka muslikalai porakkal muslim enru solvathillaiye...

Unfortunate incident due to misunderstanding.

சைத்தான் கூட்டம்.

she is saying that he is spreading hates what about your community doing to others while they crossing your mosque? 10 years ago i was at a big rice shop at 4th cross street pettah for buying a 50KG rice for Ramzan hadiya.. everyone know that rice,onion,dall,potato sugar is can very good price and quality in 4th cross street as whole sales good hindu friend father has own rice shop i was searching his shop by name board its hugely crowd also Ramzan time suddenly it was start to rain I was run a stay in under one place. a BORA person come out and saying get out from this side. I asked WHY? I am in plat form and its not a shop just closed and locked gate.. he reply me that its our mosque so I said so what? he said we dont allow anyone else stay here. I told him that its raining i will move 5 minute or less. he try to push me from there. a NATTAMMA said me that please come out its BORA mosque this people dont like anyone stay there. believe me after I move 2 step they washed that place with washing powder and dettol even it ws raining now this people want to enter other religion place as they like and talking about vandalism. every religion place there is notice board how to enter in worship place if you cant obey then what the hell you try to enter? if president and prime minister want to visit to nallur kovil they have to remove a shirt they have obey the rules their not saying that we are the ruler of this country so cant obey.

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