June 17, 2019

மொஹமட் முர்சி, சிறைச்சாலையில் வபாத்தானார்

Egypt's former president Mohamed Morsi dies: state media

State TV reports Morsi, Egypt's first democratically elected president, fainted after court session and died afterwards.

Egypt's former President Mohamed Morsi has died after appearing in court, according to state media.

State TV on Tuesday reported that Morsi fainted after a court session and died afterwards.

Morsi was democratically elected in 2012 after the 2011 Arab Spring saw the end of President Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule. He was then deposed following mass protests and a military coup in July 2013.

He served just one year of a four-year term, while the organisation to which he belonged, the Muslim Brotherhood, has since been outlawed.

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Innalillahi wayinna ilaihi rajioon

Innalillahi wahinna ilaihir rajihoon.

Innalillahi Wainna Ilahi Rajioon

May Almighty Allah forgive his sin and bless him the highest place in Jannah.

He is not death. He is one of shaheed. He lives when end of world Allah given him to through Jannathul Firthous. Egyptian terrorist government and cruel minded Arabs might pay more for his Sahathath.

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