April 26, 2018

மனோ கனேசன் எங்கே...?

திருகோணமலையில் அபாயா உடைக்கு எதிராக ஆர்ப்பாட்டம். கள்ளமௌனம் காக்கும் ச(க்)க வாழ்வு அமைச்சர்.

Azeez Nisardeen

4 கருத்துரைகள்:

Mano taking a good rest meantime Mr Mano also against Muslims women dress codes, all these uneducated teachers and minister expecting our Muslim mothers and sisters wanted to Weare bikini and come in the public so they would give golden award. Dirty inhuman culture.

சகவாழ்வு என்னவென்று அறிய, டியூஷன் போயிருக்கிறார், நமது நடிகர் மனோ கணேசன்.

We respect your dress code. It our choice and our way of life to dress like this.. Before we dressed but now we chose this habaya as it is more respectful for a women, who wants to follow the religion of TRUE GOD who created all of us.

You may go with your choice and you will not find us not opposing your dress. We expect the same.. It is our choice to dress our self (not for you),, Why are you not able to understand this?

If you Hindus come to Muslim schools to work with your cultural dress .. we will not oppose rather.. we will respect you, because we Muslims understand the cultural differences and respect others.

he will never come he double gamer, he cant do anything even for his party youngster and senior member.(Respectable: Velanai Veniyan) recently he also came out from this idiot party.he was blind and dumb when female principal of tamil girl school in Dambulla for kneel and apologized to Uva CM. this mental and his brother his very good actor in Sri Lanka because his father V.P.Ganeshan(is tamil film producer in Sri Lanka. also during Ginthota, Kandy Digana, Ampara there many more he cant do anything for even his his community idiot was talk about Muslim Dress.

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