October 13, 2016



Today, some argue that modern colonization is more dangerous than old day colonization. in Old days colonizers came to third world countries and physically occupied and took natural resources of third world countries. Dutch, Portuguese,English, French and Italy all did this in the past.. Still third world countries have scars of old day colonization and yet, Modern day colonization is more dangerous and more serious than old day one.. In old days they could come to third world and yet, today, colonization takes place each and every minutes in third world..Today, we do not have physical colonization rather we have intellectual, mental, psychological and emotion colonization..Today, brains, minds, emotions and feeling of people in third world have been colonized by means of modern technology, and social networks.. Today, modern day colonization has intruded each and every houses in third world. Today, people in third world can not live without products produced in western world, Today, third world countries have become a consumer society of modern colonizers. Today, it is brain power of modern world that colonize third world. 

Whether we agree or not today this world is controlled by some powerful nations. Today, mighty is always right. Modern colonization is not physical one as it has been in 500 hundreds years of colonization..

Rather it is a virtual one. You can see the influence and impact of colonization in each and every century in the third world. Today colonization has got a new dimension and new shape.

They do not need to come physically to your countries but all modern methods of politics, military and economy are new form of colonization..

For instance look at the immense power of Vito today ...

.6 billion people live in this.world...yet, 500 hundred millions western people of the world, have 4 Vito nations...namely US,(150 m) , France (50m)and Russia (50m), except china which has got 1.billion..yet, 1/5 of world population have got all power and yet, 

4..1/2 billions people have no say in any major events in the world. This modern day colonization of third world by means of political power. Here mighty is always right. Late Gandhi, Prof. Ismael Farooki, and many world leaders spoke about this injustice but they could not do anything.. 

Russia used it's Vito to attack Aleppo at the dislike of of 5 billion world population...Loophole in Vito is self evident today in this world. France, US and England passed a resolution in UN security council to stop attack on Aleppo and yet, Russia used its Vito to override this resolution..What a joke is this? Vito power is outdated today. it was designed in 1950s soon after ww2, Today, world is different from 1950s and today world geography, politics, population and notions of human rights are different from 1950. Today, many people are demanding renew of Vito and UN structure. Yet, in modern day mighty is always right..

In economy, major world economy such as US and western countries control most world financial institutions such as IMF and world Bank and leading companies and stock exchange..
This is nothing but modern economic colonization ..modern day economic colonization is done through globalization.

Moreover, in military front...this modern colonization is very much clearer..
Who has got all.weapons of mass destruction today ..
All these five countries of VITO?
Who has got drone technology today to send drones from armchairs to any place in the world and kill thousand of innocent people.?
Who got all atomic bombs and new clear warheads?
most of them in the hands of US and Russia? 
Those who have got all these weapons are using all their logical and rational reasoning to justify their position and control the world 

Modern way of globalization, geopolitics and international relations are nothing but manifestation of this modern colonization...

Today world is dangerously moving into another type of war. .

But third world.countries are sandwiched between all these major players in the world...

China; Russia and western countries are modern day powers of colonization...

Ironically, these big lions of colonization are fighting each other to have a lion share of cake.. IE this world.. 

Ironically, colonization is between these three super powers.. Russian want to colonize many part of the world, while China wants to colonize the world, and US is watching how to counter both of them.. It looks like a fights between big animals in the jungle of world, While big animals such as Tiger, Lions, leopards fight in the jungle small animals such as cow, goats, deer have to live in hiding or at mercy of big animals. it same like that third world countries have to live at mercy of big countries.. 

This is how modern colonization has taken the world today into new world order. yet, I'm sure sooner this will change..I do not think that this UN and its power structure, its Vito power will last for a long time.. Modern world would not stand for a long time with this kind of system.. So many wars. so many injustice, so many disputes today than 50 years ago and yet, UN has done nothing to stop it.. It has utterly failed in many cases and classical example is Palestine problem.. 70 years people of Palestine suffered and yet, no justice for them ? 

So, modern day colonization is different from old day colonization.. We hope and pray justice will prevail in the world..

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A True message,, BUT unfortunately the Leaders and the Citizens of 3rd world countries are not in a level to understand..

We need President of Philipine like to counter attack on UN and its RUDE VETO allies.

WE ask the one TRUE GOD to weaken the illuminates and give power to Leaders who are HUMAN in Nature. Who value the life of every human in the world. How does not kill others for his own benefits.

I agree with Bro Rasheed...but what would happen to him he oppose US he will be wiped out as Saddam. Now is being gagged and closed his mouth now about US for fear of his post

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