November 08, 2021

காணாமல் போயுள்ள 3 சிறுமிகள் குறித்து, Muheed Jeeran வெளியிட்டுள்ள தகவல்

கொழும்பில் 3 சிறுமிகள் காணாமல் போயுள்ளனர்.

இதுகுறித்து மனித உரிமை ஆர்வலர் Muheed Jeeran தகவல் ஒன்றை அவரது முகநூலில் வெளியிட்டுள்ளார். அது கீழ் வருமாறு,

Muheed Jeeran

The parent of those missing girls visited my place and I carefully listened to them. According to them 08th Monday morning hours while the parents were sleeping these 3 girls ( two sisters and a cousin sister) went out without informing the parents. One girl is having a phone. So the parents used the Google to trace their whereabouts and found the result that these girls were near Victoria park. Then the parents visted Victoria park and received the information from a security guard that the girls were having meals there and left that area. According to the search details of parents and others they found some evidence that there were another 3 girls too with them. According to parent they lodged a complain to Kesalwatha police in Colombo and police said they will work out from tomorrow after getting the phone movement details from the mobile network. It's obvious parents are desperate to find their children and tried to get social media support too. I explained the parents to be positive as they might got scared to return home after delay in returning home as this is also one possibility. I asked them to meet the Colombo Central SSP early morning on Tuesday and also I told them that I will pass this message to SSP Nishantha. He is a very Professonal officer and will do his job very well to support these parents to find their children. I pray for these girls to return home safely as soon as possible. I still recommend not to share the pictures of these girls as this could backfire some other way. Parents can send their video message in social media if the children are scared to come back home could help the children to find out the parents situation to get back to their parents. Emotional feeling works well between child parent relationship. 

Muheed Jeeran 

International Human Rights Activist 

09 November 2021

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There was a news in the whatapp group that these three girls found, kindly clarify the true situation please.

The news itself says that Mr. Jeeran advised not to publish the photos of the girls. But, the news itself publishing the photo.
ஊடக செய்திகளில் எது உயிரோடடம்?

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