August 05, 2021

களுபோவில கொரோனா வார்ட்டின் பயங்கரம் (படங்கள்)

களுபோவில கொரோனா வார்ட்டின் பயங்கரம்

Now I see the news I told about India with my eyes........

Now the time is 1 am and 20 minutes.

This is the COVID th ward of Kalubowila Hospital.

Two or three patients in one bed in the ward.

They are the most incompetent patients.

Another group of people are fighting to save lives by getting oxygen under the beds on the floor of the ward.

Patients on the ground are as afraid to walk on feet.

All the remaining infected (over a hundred) are outside on benches, chairs or under trees.

Another group of people in the sand with or without a sheet.

Even this morning, the admission queue is too long.

I put my mom on a chair that she found in humiliation and I'm going up a stone bomb and giving her birth.

Mosquitoes are being blown away in the cold, all of them are fighting Corona.

Two people died in a few hours right before my eyes.

Atheists faint and fall down.

Staff is limited.

They do their duty just like the goddess without getting tired.

When my mother was fighting Corona like this, my father has been waiting for many days by giving life to an oxygen machine.

There is no more pain to enjoy this life inside.

There is nothing more helpless than this.

Tomorrow I will also be infected.

I have only one thing to say.

Don't let Corona go.

Be as careful as you can.

Take care of all the family.

Today I see the news I told about India with my eyes in my country.

Be careful.. Be very careful....

~ Thilakshani Madhuwanthi ~

2 கருத்துரைகள்:

அரசாங்கத்தின் பொய்கள் மிகவும் பயங்கரமாகவுள்ளது

ஆம்,பொய்யில் ஆட்சிக்கு வந்து, பொய்களில் வாழ்ந்து கொண்டு, பொய்யாலேயே மடிந்து போக இருக்கும் அரசாங்கத்தின் ஒரே ஆயுதம் பொய்யும் களவும்தான்.

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