July 12, 2021

நீதியமைச்சர் அலி சப்ரியின் உருக்கமான பதிவு (கொரோனா ஜனாசாக்களை பார்வையிட்ட பின்னர்)

ஓட்டமாவடியில் கொரோனா ஜனாசாக்கள் நல்லடக்கம் செய்யப்படும் இடத்தை பார்வையிட்ட பின்னர், அதுதொடர்பில் நீதி அமைச்சர் அலி சப்ரி உருக்கமான பதிவொன்றை வெளியிட்டுள்ளார். அதன் விபரங்கள் கீழ் வருமாறு;

- By Justice Minister Ali Sabry -

As I walked amongst the graves in Oddamvadi of those who were taken too early, I had time to reflect on how difficult things have been in the last year.

What started off as a distant news story about a virus in another country has become a reality that is still difficult to process at times.

Covid-19 brought with it an era of hardship and loss. For some, the pain of losing a loved one turned into a nightmare when they did not get the solace to perform their final rights. Looking back, this experience seems but a memory. Yet, today is a stark reminder of those times but also an opportunity to be thankful for where we are today.

Thankful for those who stood by their beliefs, for those who listened and made the tough choices despite opposition, for those who didn’t give up and for those who unselfishly gave their lands so their fellow men can have a final resting place in the soil of their motherland.

In in the midst of this tragedy, we have learnt to cherish and respect each other’s faiths, to be compassionate, understanding and inclusive – the burial grounds may be managed by those of one faith, yet it makes no difference or discrimination as to what race, religion or ethnicity you belong to be laid to rest here.

Our time here in this world is too short and too precious to be wasted on anger and hate.

In death we have found the love, compassion and peace that we so desperately need amongst the living.

We were created from the earth, and to the earth we shall return.

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please could you translate to tamil

Justice Minister, Mr. Ali Sabry

The Muslim community in Sri Lanka suffered, perhaps the worst ignominy in history, when, for almost one year, it could do NOTHING to prevent more than 200 fellow Muslims, including a new born baby of 20 days, being Cremated instead of being Buried, thanks to a Ruthless Govt. which was determined to impose its Will on the Muslims and Humiliate and Hurt them in the Worst possible manner.

Well, although the Govt. finally allowed Burial, the Pain and Suffering of the Muslims still continue as there is Only ONE place in the entire country, in the East, where the bodies of Corona victims can be buried making it so much difficult for the near and dear ones of the deceased living in other parts of the country to pay their last respects.

Of course, the Authorities have a list of places which meet their Baseless and Ridiculous requirement regarding water table. But, their seemingly Hidden Animosity towards the Muslims seem to prevent them from doing what must be done.

Hon. Minister of Justice, here is requesting you to ensure Justice is done to the Muslim citizens of this country by ensuring that the Burial of Corona Victims is permitted in all parts of the country where Muslims live.

Thank you.

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