July 16, 2020

ஒரு வேட்பாளர் 2 கட்சிகளில் போட்டி - ரத்தினபுரியில் ஆச்சரியம் - விசாரணை ஆரம்பம்

ஒரு வேட்பாளர் 2 கட்சிகளில் போட்டி, ரத்தினபுரியில் ஆச்சரியம் - விசாரணை ஆரம்பம்

One candidate contesting from 2 parties in Ratnapura district

Voters from the Ratnapura district have called on the National Election Commission to inquire into a candidate who is reported to be contesting from two different political parties from the district for the General Elections.

The incident was reported when the ballot paper containing the list of candidates contesting the election was issued to voters by the Department of Posts yesterday (15).

The candidate, Kolonne Siri Shantha Vijaya Thero, was reported as contesting under number 3 from the Ape Janabala Party and under number 2 from the Janasetha Peramuna.

Voters have raised questions on if a candidate can contest from two parties and why the nomination was not rejected on the day of submission.

The voters have requested the National Election Commission to clarify and inform them if the candidate is the same person or two different individuals. (Newswire)

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