June 18, 2020

எக்காரணம் கொண்டும், ஜும்ஆவை விட்டு விடாதீர்கள் - ACJU

எக்காரணம் கொண்டும், ஜும்ஆவை விட்டு விடாதீர்கள் - ACJU

3 கருத்துரைகள்:

It is time-up that the MUSLIMS should follow the guidance provide in the "HOLY QURAN" as stated below, Insha Allah.
1. Being loyal and having love for one's country is a part of the Islamic faith. The Quran states, “O ye who believe, obey God and obey the Prophet and obey those in authority from among you” (4:60).
2. Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. And when Allah intends for a people ill, there is no repelling it. And there is not for them besides Him any patron.
"The Muslim Voice" wishes to remind the ACJU will once again "NOT" to interfere in matters of the Sri Lanka Wakf Board and to try "MESS UP" matters with the authorities, Insha Allah. "The Muslim Voice" is not "HOUNDING THE ACJU", but "FACTS and REALITY" should be made clear to the humble Muslim Umma which the ACJU and it's moulavis are holding "CAPTIVES" uunder the "DECEPTIVE" pretence of what they propagate should "NOT" be challenged because they are "ULEMA" and the Muslims in Sri Lanka should not chellenge them, but heed to their "MISGUIDANCE". Even the most pious, well knowledgeable and "TRUELY PRACTICING ULEMA" are NOT given prominance in the ACJU or its matters and are "SIDE LINED" in the elections of the ACJU and its administration. The ACJU is also NOT transparent and accountability is an great issue of its administration and financial transcations. The ACJU is "NOT THE SAME" as it was under the leadership of Moulavi Ryal in the 1990tees - https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/re-election-of-rizvi-moulavi-as-acju-president-reflects-religious-moral-bankruptcy-of-muslim-community/
It is sad to state, that during that time a young moulavi from Malwaana who had returned fro finishing religious and Islamic studies from the University of Medina ganged up with Moulavi Rizvi (socalled Mufthi) and highjacked the ACJU from Ryal Moulavi, for their personal and selfish goals and to destroy the ACJU to what it is today. I knew Moulavi Ryal as a close associate and he "NEVER" was willing to trade with the ACJU for personal benefits, but with the support of some of the Muslim businessmen in Chatham Street, they "PUSHED ASIDE" the humble, honest and sincere Ryal Moulavi who was leading the Islamic way of life as a good Muslim moulavi.The Moulavi from Malwaana was is a relation of a businessman in Chatham Street is the Secretary of the ACJU since then till todate, always elcted "UNDEMOCRATICALLY to the office they
Writiing these comments, "The Muslim Voice" wishes to "KINDLE THE ASPIRATIONS AND INSPIRATIONS" of the Sri Lanka Muslim Umma to see "REALITY". "The Muslim Voice" wishes that these matters should be "RESOLVED" within the Muslim community and should "NOT" become an "ISSUE" before as a debate against the Muslim community openly, Insha Allah.
The ACJU and Moulavi Rizvi (so-called) Mufthi has still NOT answered the question raised by “The Muslim Voice” numerous times regarding a large block of land in Colombo 12 which they received from former President Mahinda Rajapaksa when they were politically flirting with the UPFA/SLFP government and no one knows what happened to this block of state land that the ACJU got from Mahinda. IS IT NOT TIME UP NOW THAT THEY REVEAL THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS LAND AND WHETHERE THEY SOLD THIS STATE LAND AND WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MONEY? http://www.asiantribune.com/index.php?q=node/6395
Noor Nizam - Convener "The Muslim Voice".

Pl stop the fool talks.this is not time to criticize acju.

Shame on ACJU and undemocratically elected so called leaders and some of the moulavies who defend ACJU and it's leaders using selected quranic verses and hadith to their advantages. People are not fools to be misguided this entity.

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