May 10, 2020

Gulf countries to prosecute RSS supporters


                    We should thank the political leadership of some gulf countries for taking some stern measures to stop RSS supporters from spreading Islamophobia attacks on innocent Muslims. We hope and pray that the Gulf leaders use their political influence to protect the Muslim minority communities all over the world. Moreover than 500 million Muslims live as minorities all over the world. Many minority Muslim communities are being persecuted by non-Muslims for their faith and religions. So, it is high time that Gulf leaders step up their effort to protect innocent Muslim minorities. Today, the Muslim minority of India is suffering badly at the hands of RSS radicals. So, it is a moral duty of the Muslim leaders to protect them.

              Graphic images of lynching of innocent Muslims by RSS extremists have appeared in recent time in social media. According to some reports more than 28 violent video clips have appeared in the social media. RSS and its cohort have unleashed barbaric attacks on innocent Muslim community of India for no reason. The BJP government has taken no action against all these RSS activists. During this difficult time, some police and security officers, have been persecuting innocent Muslims too. Police have been beating Muslim devotees in mosques.  In some areas of Gujarat, RSS cohort have been roaming the streets to stop Muslim hawkers and vendors selling vegetables and fruits. Some BJP politicians too have openly said Hindus should not buy from the Muslim shop keepers and vendors. This is exactly what Hitler and his cohort has done in Germany prior to Jewish Holocaust. Anti-Muslim sentiment is created by BJP and RSS extremists. Inhuman brutalities are lively broadcasted to tell the world what they do without remorse or kindness. These ruthless people want to create a Hindu nation free of all other minorities. Yet, all minorities continue more than 500 million people. Dalit, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and other faith groups. Less than 20% of so-called Brahmins are dominating Indian politics today. If this RSS is not controlled and brought under law, India will become the next Somalia or Afghanistan. 

             Historical records tell us the present-day India is created by the Muslim empire.  It was the Muslim empire that protected the integrity of India as it stands today. Had not Muslims ruled India, it would have been divided into many mini states between warring kings and dynasties long time. It was the heroism of Muslim warriors that united Indian land under one sovereignty in pre-colonial periods. Muslims have greatly contributed to build India. All historical buildings, architectures and monuments are historic testimonies that endorse the contribution of the Muslim community to India. Moreover, the contemporary Muslim community too immensely contribute in the fields of education, economy, diplomacy, politics, science, technology and other areas of development. The Indian Muslim community has been the bedrock of Indian economy and development. 

            Consider, for instance, the contribution of Indian scientist Abul Kalam who enhanced the Indian nuclear weapon program.   The Indian Muslim community has produced some great personalities in many fields and yet, to see Muslims community is being humiliated like this is shocking. After all this contribution that Muslims made in India, they have been treated by RSS thugs like this. This tells us how ungrateful these RSS thugs are? It tells us a lot about deeply rooted hatred against Muslims in the hearts of some RSS thugs. One by one the rights of Muslim community are taken away. Racism has reached its peak in India. It would be very difficult for Muslims to go to public government offices. During this corona pandemic some doctors and hospitals do not want to treat Muslim patients. One notice reads like this. “we will treat only Hindus. Not Muslims” Says a doctor in Prakash Nursing home In Mathura, UP. What kind of doctor is he? Dr B.M. Hedge should educate his medical professionals on medical ethics rather than preaching medicine to the international community. In his home country, doctors are behaving like this inhumanly and yet, he goes to Arab countries to teach about medical ethics.

             This is not to make any generalization on this matter. 95% of Hindus are good people but RSS has spoiled the minds of innocent Hindu youths with anti-Muslim hatred. Due to the political incorrectness and wrong policies of BJP, these thugs are unleashing hatred against the Muslims. Why not righteous people and politicians in India talk about this barbarism and injustice? Some bias Indian media outlets do not bring this out. 

                Today, there are so many human right commissions in the world, yet, they protect the right of rich and developed nations.  The Minority communities are badly persecuted by the majorities in many parts of the world.  UN and other human rights commissions have taken no action against them. Consider for instance, the plight of Kashmir people for 72 years. No one speaks for them.  likewise, people of Palestine have been badly persecuted yet, no one speaks for them.   Now some gulf nations have realised that they should take some stern actions against this RSS thugs. I think this invisible corona virus may have provoked their thought.

                 I hope that the Gulf leaders use their political influence to protect Indian Muslims before we see more blood bath. If they do not do this, they all will be responsible for the murders of innocent Muslims in India. Almighty Allah will question them about this on the Day of judgement.  It is learned that several Indian nationals have been fired in gulf countries after their display of Islamophobia attack on social media. Thanks to Canadian government for taking initiative to punish anyone who incites Islamophobia attack. It is learned that Canada has fired an Indian national for his Islamophobia display. We hope and pray justice is done for Indian Muslim community.

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Yes, we hope peaceful life for every body around the world, particularly minorities. and it is notable that, wherever the majority fail to respect rights of the minorities the entire nation suffering restless and losses?

Sri lankan muslims should take immediate action to notify various racist Buddhists organisations and individuals in Sri Lankawho are extremely violating Sri lankan muslims and other minorities to middle countries relevant authorities to ban them.

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