May 08, 2020

Dr அனில் ஜயசிங்கவுக்கு, ஜம்மியத்துல் உலமா அனுப்பியுள்ள கடிதம்

சுகாதார சேவை பணிப்பாளர் நாயகம்,  டாக்டர் அனில்  ஜயசிங்கவுக்கு, ஜம்மியத்துல் உலமா அனுப்பியுள்ள கடிதம்

Clarification on the ambiguity on burying the ashes of a Muslim who succumbed to COVID-19 and request to reverse the stance by permitting burial.
May 07, 2020
Ref: ACJU/PRE/2020/004


Dr. Anil Jasinghe,
Director General of Health Services

Respected Sir,

Clarification on the ambiguity on burying the ashes of a Muslim who succumbed to COVID-19 and request to reverse the stance by permitting burial

We take this opportunity to extend our sincere appreciation to all the health care staff working at the front line, especially to your good-self, working tirelessly during these challenging times to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic in Sri Lanka. Indeed, you and your team are responding with courage, resolve and exemplary professionalism.

This is a kind note of clarification on any ambiguity that has surfaced on burying the ashes of a Muslim who succumbed to COVID-19.

We wish to reiterate that the Muslim community stand on this matter has always been that, a Muslim deceased due to COVID-19, should have the option of being buried, in line with the WHO guidelines and as implemented in more than 180 countries, since it is an integral part of our faith and a religious obligation of the community towards the deceased.

From the inception, we had addressed this matter in a professional and ethical manner. For the record, we wish to highlight some of the efforts made, of the many steps taken in this regard.

On 24th March a letter was sent to His Excellency the President requesting to amend the standard operating procedure issued by JMO, to include the option of burial for the COVID 19 deaths. We appreciate the authorities for considering our request along with other civil organizations and making necessary changes and issuing a new “Provisional Clinical Practice Guidelines on COVID-19 suspected and confirmed patients” on the 27th of March, with the provisions for burial.

But unfortunately, on the 31st of March, the above ‘Guidelines’ was revised suddenly and provision for the burial removed.  Thereafter on the 1st of April, we issued a statement expressing our disappointment on behalf of Muslim community for reversing the decision and requesting the relevant authorities to revise the decision in line with the WHO guidelines with the provisions for burial. Following which, a Team of Doctors were appointed to discuss related matters with the authorities and after these discussions, it was agreed to appoint a panel of experts to conduct a scientific study on this matter, but it did not realize.

We, the ACJU as a responsible organization, have always guided our community to obey the law of the land at all times.  In this context, responding to a query on what would be guidance in the given circumstances, that is, only cremation being allowed, it was stated the ashes of the deceased has to be buried, if given.

It is our moral and ethical duty to abide by the law of the country and to guide people towards it. But it does not imply that we endorse nor consent to this ruling as it is against our religious principles. Nevertheless, we shall continue to make ethical endeavors to make representations to the authorities on this matter.

In line with the World Health Organization guidelines and as adopted by as many as 180 countries, we re-appeal once again to your good self to reconsider the decision taken to dispose of the dead bodies of confirmed and suspected cases of COVID 19 and provide the option of the burial of bodies, while complying with all mandatory precautions and with the supervision of police and PHI.

Due to the sensitive nature of the matter we re-appeal for this provision, and wish to emphasize that we shall comply with all the required standards such as preparing the grave with the depth of 8 feet, if required to cement the grave with concrete or any other related measures shall be abided as required. We kindly request your urgent attention in this regard.

Yours Sincerely,

On Behalf of the Executive Committee of the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama.

3 கருத்துரைகள்:

These kinds of enough appeal, re-appeal, request for kind consideration and re-consideration etc have been made by many Muslim Representatives on many occasions concerning the burial of Muslim Janazas. But unfortunately, all the efforts have gone to the waste paper basket and have received no fruitful decisions upto now and nothing is going to happen in future as well, because of invisible politics behind the scene.

I like to clarify the followings with ACJU and it’s your responsibility to answer the Muslim Community in whole.

Did you discuss the issue with WHO Officials in Sri Lanka?
Did you discuss the issue with ambassadors of Islamic countries stationed in Sri Lanka?
Did you file a petition at Supreme Court against the gazette notification published by the health minister?
You all flew to Geneva in first class to save someone from electric chair, but did you complain the issue at least to human rights officials in Sri Lanka??

We hope that, government will consider this request.

ACJU should request Muslims to recite Qunooth in this matter while doing in other ways. In this blessed month we can ask dua before Ifthar and Thajjath time. Specially those families who are in a sad situation of burning janaza defenitely Allah will answer their dua one day. My dua is Ya Allaah give hidayath to enemies of Islam if not give your punishment in this world.

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