April 01, 2020


- Mohamed Ali Sabry -

I am not a typical politician to express my opinion on everything and anything expecting political mileage and add fuel to fire. But , as a responsible citizen and a practicing Muslim I have my opinion and well researched position , which I have placed before the authorities and decision makers.

If the decision makers , having considered all facts figures and aspects make a decision based on scientific, medical or logistic concerns , I have no issues with it and people must comply with it.

But , if the decision to disregard WHO standard guidelines followed by 182 countries which include UK, Italy , Singapore , India , Malaysia , Middle Eastern countries etc have been taken on any other extraneous grounds ,such as rhetoric, bad publicity and current public sentiments etc , 

like many others , who are responsible citizens Looking at the larger welfare and wellbeing of the entire nation irrespective of race or religion of the citizen, I am disappointed.

If an official communique is issued by the decisions makers explaining all the circumstances and reasons , I am sure public will accept it and move on and the opportunistic politicians will not be able to capitalize it to further their agendas.

On the other hand priority should be to save lives by educating the people at the grassroots with the support of the community leaders. My sincere hope is this will not serve as a distraction within community , as the response from the certain section of the community towards this national efforts to combat the virus had been disappointing to say the least.

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Very good statement.
Do your best to the community.

In UK burial is allowed for Muslims who are affected by corona virus. Here the UK government is not using force against the wishes of the people.

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