April 12, 2020

கார்த்தினால் மல்கம் ரஞ்சித்திற்கு, றிஸ்வி முப்தி அனுப்பியுள்ள கடிதம்


His Eminence Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith,
Archbishop's House, 
Gnanartha Pradeepa Mawatha, 
Colombo 08.

Respected Cardinal,
Sadly remembering the Anniversary of the Tragedy of 2019 Easter Sunday Terror Attack

It is with immense pain that we approach the first anniversary of the terror attacks that took place against the Christian community of our country, which coincided with the period regarded as amongst the Holiest days to Christians all over the world! On this occasion we would like to reiterate our sympathies and condolences to Your Eminence and all those who were victimized in this inhuman terror attack.

We take this opportunity to emphasize our sincere appreciation of the valuable efforts by Your Eminence, in consoling the community and delivering the message of peace and forgiveness, which greatly contributed to the prevalence of peace and harmony among the communities.
The world witnessed the steadfastness of Your Eminence on the truth, in the face of all false propaganda, through the significant proclamation that the religion of Islam or any other religion never endorses or induces any form of terrorism.
It is significant to note the statement by Your Eminence that, this tragic incident should not damage the harmony and peace that exist between the Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims together.  And all of us must love Sri Lanka, as a multi-religious and united nation.

Today, at a time when the whole world is undergoing a major crisis, it is imperative that all communities uphold bonds of peace and unity and work together to overcome the COVID -19 pandemic successfully, as one global family.

Our respective Religions and traditions are enriched with meaningful values and lessons that strengthen our resilience in facing all forms of adversities in this world. The current COVID-19 pandemic stresses the importance of renewing our hope and relying upon our values and faiths for optimism during this dismal and challenging global situation.

We certainly believe that this crisis will bind us even stronger in our commitment and determination to support one another in promoting unity, peace and harmony among the communities of our Motherland. We are confident that with greater unity and deeper friendship, we will emerge stronger as one united Sri Lanka. 

May the Almighty bestow our country with unity, peace and prosperity and guide us towards eternal success, Aameen!

Mufti M.I.M. Rizwe

President - ACJU

5 கருத்துரைகள்:

we are remembering the help of cardinal rendered during the critical situation during the incident we never forget your great help and your kind speech which help us to live peacefully in Negombo father you are ever living with us.

Wonderful. May Almighty Allah bestow peace, harmony and co-operation among all citizens of Sri Lanka and all in world as well.

Father! You could have reconsidered twice before visiting hunger striking Rathna Thero in Dalda maligwa.

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