March 24, 2020

பசிலுக்கு முக்கிய பதவி - ஜனாதிபதி கோட்டாபய அறிவிப்பு

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa appointed a special task force headed by Basil Rajapaksa to work out modalities of organizing a mobile service to deliver consumer items at the doorstep of the online customers in the wake of the current situation due to the Covid -19 crisis.

The Presidential Secretariat issues a circular stating that a special task force has been established headed by Basil Rajapaksa to efficiently conduct the mechanism of distributing essential commodities to the homes of consumers.

The rest of the members in this task force are the ministerial secretaries, Government Agents, Divisional Secretaries and other officials.

A special mechanism of home delivering essential commodities to consumers including essential food items, medicines, gas and other essentials without any hindrance will commence from tomorrow (25).

All delivery vehicles including lorries, vans, trishaws, motorcycles and other transport vehicles will be permitted to travel during curfew hours.

Accordingly, the government has advised the wholesale establishments which home deliver essential commodities to commence their services from tomorrow.

Sathosa, Keels, Laughs, Arpico, Food City, Araliya, Nipuna and other wholesale traders will be engaged in this endeavour.

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Great decision/Work ....

Innovative thinking
Great president

Yes very good, we suggested this before couple of days, because the outing of people even a small count of time will affect very far, also the current climate will cause a lot seasonal diseases other than the particular virus due to long waiting in lengthy queues under hot sunny...

Sri Lanka Muslims should support this action fully and wholeheated and participate in it as "PARTNERS", Insha Allah. THERE IS NO NEED FOR THE ACJU TO CREATE A PARELL SYSTEM FOR DISTRIBUTION OF FOOD DONATIONS. MUSLIM DONORS AND PHILANTHROPISTS SHOULD CONTACT THIS TASKFORCE UNDER BASIL RAJAPAKSA AND MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO HAND OVER THEIR DONATION, Insha Allah. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his team know better how to handle the situation that these MUNAFIQUES who alway want to "CREATE" conflict with the Government and the Majority community. Sri Lanka Muslims whould be very vigilant and alert about these MUNAFIQUES at this moment and in the future, Insha Allah.
Noor Nizam - Convener "The Muslim Voice".

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