June 24, 2019

Open letter to the President of Sri Lanka

Dear Mr. President,
I am sure 8th of January 2015 was a significant day in your life as everyone knows. But the same day was even more significant for me for a different reason.  
I went to vote on 8th of January 2015 keeping my mother on her death bed. Unfortunately, she could not hold on till your oath-taking ceremony on the following day evening, she passed away on the early hours of 9th of January. The last communication I had with her was when I visited her on my way to the polling booth. She could communicate with only slow movement of the head. She was very decisive even at that time. She nodded to vote for you and against MR. We too were very happy to vote for a new candidate who looked very clean and serene. 

Even with the sad mood of her passing away, we were happy to listen to your speech at the historic Pathirippuwa at the Dalada Maligawa, your first speech to the nation. It was truly inspiring. I believe the entire nation was moved with your choice of words and eloquence and looked forward for a bright future for our motherland at that time.

You had your 100 days plan, and then started campaigning for the General Elections in August. We all were observing you very closely. On the winning of the general election and the allocation of the national list MPs, you started showing your true colours Mr. President. How dare could you bring the defeated S.B. Dissanayake into the Parliament through the back door? You totally insulted the voters in Kandy and threw our most valuable right to vote into the dustbin. Like me, many lost the trust we had on you completely. That showed very clearly that you do not have any respect for the people of this country. Further, you took your son to the UN General Assembly and gave him a prominent seat at the conference. Weren’t you ashamed to do this having promised “Yahapalanaya” to the world.   
Thereafter, you not only went on breaking all your promises you made to the nation from the Paththirippuwa, but you also committed blunder after blunder and led the country to a dismal state of affairs   and the entire population to a    despondent state of mind. 

Your break-away from the UNP especially with an unpleasant relationship and unresolved issues with RW was more of a personal grudge and political inability to lead the government despite being an Executive President.

Your drama to appoint MR as the PM led the total country to a political paralysis for almost two months. Imagine the loss to the GDP and the resultant economic collapse the country had to endure. Are you aware that loss of each working day costs more than USD 300M to the country’s GDP? Many deal making arrangements with MR and the Team in attempting to obtain the majority in the Parliament was another shameful series of acts. We just can’t imagine your appointments of a new cabinet of ministers from the opposition including WW, who denigrated you with the infamous catch phrase “Aiyo Sirisena” at the 2015 Election rallies. In a climax of that drama, your illegal dissolution of the Parliament was rejected by the Supreme court destroying even the modicum of respect anyone would have had for you. Your promise to resign in the event of a situation that resulted in RW regaining premiership became yet another dishonest pledge that has become your trademark.

Whatever deceitful drama you intend to play with regard to the 21/4 attack, the majority of this country are aware that it was a total failure of the defense system including the inaction of the intelligence unit which come under your direct responsibility.

You exercised your executive power to pardon a monk who was sentenced by the court of appeal to serve a 6 year prison term who was released after serving a mere 9 months. That was a disgraceful insult to the judiciary and the same monk comes on a loudspeaker in public in front of the Dalada Maligawa and screams to demand the resignation of two Governors appointed by you and a Minister, and the rabble rouser monk further threatens of an islandwide ‘Senekeliya’ in the event of not meeting the demand. You simply let the Digana and Wayamba riots to happen and people to suffer. You may be enjoying this senekeliya sandharshana. Who knows, he may be the director while you being the sponsor of these shows.

Don’t you have even a shred of shame in you with all the above disgraceful acts that are known to the general public? You have repeatedly proved and are still continuing to prove that you are not a man of your own words. I am telling you straight from the bottom of my heart and very sincerely with a pure neutral mindset i.e. without affiliation to any political ideologies, YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO BE THE PRESIDENT of Sri Lanka. In my humble view you should be penalized for the many blunders and especially for the gross negligence of your fundamental duty as the Commander in Chief of the armed forces and the Head of the State for what you simply let happen on the 21st of April and all the consequences and the subsequent events thereafter. 

How dare you think that all 20 Million people in this country are fools to accept the white lie that you were not aware of the intelligence report that was issued to all people in charge of the security personnel of the so called VVIP’s.  

During your initial days as the President, I am sure some were thinking whether you would be candidate for the Nobel Prize. But you continuously make me recall my mother for her wrong decision, while I have many right things to cherish her memories. 

I simply can’t understand, why all these? Is it your lust for power, but at what cost? Please take a minute and realise that you are not only making mockery of the lives of the 21 M people who are living today, but also the future generations of this country. The cost is way high Mr. President, it is very very unfair. 

A True Patriotic Sri Lankan

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