February 02, 2019

Why Muslims should Love SRILANKA

Every man or a woman is born in a nation, and we call that is his or her Mother Nation. Because the country they belong to is equal to the mother who gave birth. Though we belong a religion called Islam and we are Muslims we are all Sri Lankans and this is our mother nation. Therefore, it is important that we love our mother Lanka.

It is time that we ask ourselves, ’do we seriously love this country?’. That has nothing to do with the question ‘what this country has done to me?’. The right question is what have I done to my mother country. It is we who have to make use of the resources and the people to our benefit while contributing to the people, economy and to the country at large. When a mother starts loving a child that has just born, what the child has done to the mother? Nothing, simply nothing other than the child has made the mother a mother, that is only if it is the first child. But still the mother loves all the children from the day or even before the day of the child is born. Similarly, fathers, brothers, sisters and all family members started loving us from the day we were born and even if we help them or not. 
Moreover, loving a nation, we call it patriotism is a great feeling. Without exception, any great leader in this world, from political, religious, and business arena, they all have loved their nations immensely. When a political leader prioritises anything other than the country, the country fails. When the people do not love their country also the country fails.

As the people of this country we must love our mother nation. We have a lot to appreciate about living in Sri Lanka. 

The Adams Peak is situated in Sri Lanka and therefore we must be proud citizens of Sri Lanka. Both Muslims and Christians who have the same roots in our religiouns call it Adam’s Peak while the Hindu’s call it, God Shiva’s feet and the Budists call it the Lord Budda’s feet. Irrespective of the differences in our religions we all accept it that Sri Lanka has a direct connection to God’s first creation. Should that alone be the noble reason for us to be proud Sri Lankans.

People who have travelled to many other countries would know for sure, what a blessed nation is this in relation to the climate patterns and the natural resources we have. This such a beautiful island is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, with so much bio-diversity i.e. one can access areas with totally different whether conditions within a short span of time, and high fertile lands and hundreds of rivers, lakes and beautiful mountains and waterfalls.

We Muslims have been living in this country for over a millennium very peacefully, not only just mingling with other communities but also contributing to improve the quality of life of all communities through excelling in medicine, education, trade, food, administration and so many other fields.

Our ancestors have worked very closely with the ancient kingdoms and being part of ruling and administering this country while scores have sacrificed their lives and properties immensely during the invasions of Indian kings and the Europeans for centuries. 

Many of our fathers and forefathers have also sacrificed immensely for the independence of Sri Lanka. Muslim leaders such as Dr. T.B. Jayah, Sir Razik Fareed, Dr. M.C.M. Kaleel and Dr. Badi-ud-din Mahmud were very much part of the constitutional reforms of this country and their enthusiastic support for the demand of the Dominion Status and independence are still remembered and appreciated by many.   

People who knows history knows well the role that Justice Akbar played in bringing the then University of Ceylon and the present iconic University of Peradeniya to where it is today and how it is structured.

We Muslims have so much of privileges in Sri Lanka
Compare the Arabian Muslim Countries have offered to the Non-Muslims living in their countries
Our Legal System allows the religious related personal Laws
There is highly empowered Muslim Religious Affairs Ministry
The Number of Mosques and dedicated Muslim Schools with all personalized work arrangements.
We have many Muslim Minsters who have played pivotal roles in other national ministries and that has benefited our community immensely, e.g. A. C. S. Hameed was Foreign Affairs and Higher Education Minister and M. H. M. Ashraff was Ports Development Minister. 

Therefore, we have all the reasons to love this nation and be proud Sri Lankan and we are second to none in this country. Just because a few extremist or politically motivated individuals and groups instigate certain activities to disturb the peace and harmony amongst the multireligious communities, we should not let our rights and the Sri Lankan identity to fade off or give up. It is our right and pride love our mother nation and to be true Sri Lankans. 

So Now let us understand how we can be patriotic and show the world that we love our mother Lanka.

Stop calling the non-Muslims as kaafirs and reject them. We are not saying them to call them Muslims or have party with them. Please remember that we believe that they are also created by Allah and if he wishes he would convert them any moment. Therefore, we have no reason to reject them. It is just that we will not adopt some of their habits that are not permitted for us.

Support Sri Lanka in any sports activities. Anyway, the foreign countries we support also will laugh at us when support their country while it will antagonize the Sri Lankans. 

Hoist a national flag at your residences, shops, working places and vehicles at least during the period celebrating the Independence Day. We all must know the National Anthem and sing them at the relevant occasions. 

Respect the laws, rules and regulations at all times during our life time and teach our children to respect. This may be a simple road traffic rules or even regulations to slaughter animals. We must be happy that there is permission under some terms and conditions to slaughter animals for our Qurban or Ulhiya

Sri Lanka as a nation popular for its rich culture, heritage and has a long-written history. We shall not only respect but also as Sri Lankans we also must uphold to that. It is our duty to teach our children as well. 

We also must stop bribing the authorities to obtain the rightful services. We as Sri Lankans should voice for our rights and stand for it. It is very important that we provide the right perception to the authorities that we are rightful people of this country.

Though there are very close links between religion, culture and nationalism, we have completely mixed them up and lost the required balance in our Culture that is our day to day behavour. Our culture should balance between the Islamic Culture and the Sri Lankan Culture. Islam as a broader religion and a complete way of life than any other, very clearly says how to balance it as well. The sad side is that, we ignore our own religion and conveniently blame the national culture. Islam teaches very well how to:

respect the laws and regulations of the country we live
respect the elders and love the children irrespective of their religions
respect other religious customs and cultures
How to be disciplined in public places

Let us reflect our true religion in our behavior with highest qualities of humanity according the teachings by Islam which is not just s religion with some spiritual thoughts but a complete way of life.

Happy 71st Independence Day to all of us.

Fawas Farook

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Good points ..
We must contribute nation building process ..
In this world of globalization. .
Good citizenship is paramount important..live like a good citizen..develop your skills and make a difference to SL .
Then all will accept you ...

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