February 24, 2019



             Egyptian authorities have executed 9 innocent young men this week (Wednesday) on 22/2/19. While many Western nations promote human right protection, Muslim countries are competing each other in violating human rights of their citizens. Security forces in Muslim countries beat, torture and   persecute Muslim population in very bad manners that are unimaginable by any civilised person in this modern world. Barbaric actions of Egyptian authorities have been condemned by many local and international human rights groups. Egypt. These young men are accused of plotting to kill Egypt top Prosecutor Hisham Barakat. He was killed in a car bomb attack in Cairo in 2017. These innocent young men were beaten and tortured to confess. Amnesty International urged Egyptian authorities to stop the execution saying that “executing prisoners, or convicting people based on confessions extracted through torture is not justice”.
        This is exactly what takes place in many Middle East countries. They use all sort of tortures to force any one to confess to some offences they have never done. This is what exactly took place in barbaric military rules.  Many so-called Islamic groups did not condemn this brutal inhuman execution. In fact, some so called Islamic groups feel happy about it. What kind of Islam do they have if they are satisfied with blood of these innocent young men? In fact, a former Iraq judge has compiled an encyclopaedia of torture to tell the world, how torture has been used as means of punishment in Islamic history. I’m sorry to say this, European and many other Asian nations got way with this time of punishment and yet, Muslim militaries use torture against all international norms.
          Can you believe that any European nation would execute its citizens for demanding any political change or for asking political change or democratic rights. Today, in some Muslim countries if you demonstrate or engage in politics challenging governments you are punished, or you are even killed? What type of Muslim countries are these? For the sake of politics, Muslim political leaders are ready to kills publics.  Is it what they have learned from 1400 hundred history of despotic Muslim dynasties and Muslim rulers? Islamic scholars set some conditions and qualifications for Muslim rulers and In Islam politics is a trust. In Islam, political leaders must have some qualities and qualifications and yet, today, Muslim politics is in the hands of wrong people. In the hands of despotic dictatorial rulers in many Muslim countries. Today, politics control every aspect of human life. People have every right in this modern world to ask for political change, to ask for their rights, to ask for their basic needs. In Egypt people are struggling to meet their basic needs due to corruption of political leaders. In Egypt, Military leaders control politics for decades. Neither Islam nor Western political philosophies endorse any military leaders to come to power. It is against basic democratic rights.

                    It is very much strange to note that the Holy Quran mentions the term prison in some places, but all are mentioned with reference to Egypt. The Great Pharaoh warned the prophet Moussa that he would imprison Moussa if he does not accept him as his Lord. Once again innocent prophet Yousuf was imprisoned in jail in Egypt. These are some verses in the Quran that refer to the jail and prison sentence. Ironically, they all refer to land of Egypt. It is miraculous to note that Egypt has been notorious for severe punishment and torture. We learn in old and modern Egyptian history that rulers in Egypt employed some brutal methods of torture in human history. Recent time, from Abul Nasar to Al-SISI have been using some brutal methods of punishment and torture. I wonder if they are going to testify this Quranic miraculous statement that Allah revealed 1400 hundred years ago. Egypt has had a long history of punishing innocent people. I do not know why? How many thousand brotherhood members have been killed and tortured in jails since 1940s up to now.

It is a miraculous even today, innocent people are jailed in Egypt and sometime sentenced to death. Like innocent prophet Yusuf, many innocent young men are imprisoned in Egypt. Yet, Allah gave freedom to the prophet Yusuf at the end. We hope and pray that these innocent young men will get freedom at the end or will be rewarded by Almighty Allah with Jannah. I mention this to compare the brutality of Egyptian rulers in old and modern times. This is not to belittle the great sacrifices of people of Egypt. Egypt is sacred land of many prophets and many companions. Egypt is land of many great Islamic scholars and it is a land of greater Islamic learning centres. People of Egypt have made a great contribution to Islamic civilization in Islamic history. Yet, Egypt has been a land of tyrants too. Both good and bad people live in Egypt. I do not know why this contrasting perception Egypt has got. There are million of sincere and honest people in Egypt and yet, there are some of brutal military leaders in Egypt. Some of barbaric and brutal punishment methods are recorded in Egyptian jail.
Islam is a religion of peace. The root word of Islam comes from SALAM or SILM. Which literarily means peace and social harmony. The Holy Qur’an was revealed as “Mercy and Healing for humanity” and the prophet of Islam was described as “Mercy to Humanity” and Yet, why Muslim countries are famous today for all sort of human right violation and torture. No Non-Muslim nation in Europe will use such a barbaric means of torture and persecution as so-called Islamic countries do. What is wrong with Muslim countries today. where is Islamic teaching in these so-called Muslim countries? Take for instance, Saudi Arabia: A birth place of Islamic revelation. They use all form of torture upon political opponents. One of leading Islamic scholars: Salman Auda has been convicted by Saudi authorities for just asking them to reconcile with Qatar; just for advising Saudi authority to make peace with Qatar. Is it a crime for an Islamic scholar to advise political authorities in Muslim countries? Is it a crime to asking to make peace with Muslim brothers in Islam? Now thousands of Muslim scholars and Muslim youths are suffering in Jails in many parts of Muslim world just because they want to see freedom and human right protections in their countries. What crimes they have done. They ask for freedom in Egypt. They wanted some sort of democratic rule in Egypt and they wanted to see freedom of speech in Egypt. They wanted to protect human dignity in Egypt. Now all these 9 young men paid the prize for this with their lives.
          It is reported to have said by Ibn Taymiah that “ Allah will help any just government even its followers are not believers but they are just and uphold justice, but Allah will not help any unjust government even if its followers are so called believers in the name” so, establishing justice, and protecting basic human rights of people are two basic pre-conditions for a stable government or political authorities. If political leaders in Gulf countries want to hold on into power, they must meet these two conditions. They must establish justice and the must give freedom to people, they must protect and promote basic human right of people. Today, in this modern world they cannot rule by dictatorial means. It is meticulous to note that the prophet Mohamed had already prophesied some good qualities of Romans (Europeans now). It is reported by Imam Muslim that Amr ibn al-Ars, al-Mustawrid had heard  prophet Mohamed saying Romans have 4 good qualities or characters 1) They are wise & smartest in the time of crisis, they are quickest to recover from any calamities, they are kind and compassionate towards weak and poor, and they protect public from aggression and injustice of kings”. This prophetic tradition has been recorded in some authentic genre of Hadith literature. This describes the good qualities and characters of Romans. Today, we notice the many European nations have all these 4 good qualities. They faced some existential threats during the first and second world wars and yet, they prevailed over all these threats. They know how to encounter any crisis. They know well how to handle any crisis. Whether it is a political crisis or economic crisis, they know how to handle them with wisdom and logics. As prophet of Islam predicted today, we do not see any person dying out of starvation in any European nations and yet, Muslim countries are rich in natural resources such as oil and gas. Yet, we see a lot of people do not have food to eat, a house to shelter and many are dying out of starvation and hunger. More interestingly, No European ruler oppresses his people. In fact, political leaders in Europe work as servants of people. They serve public and they do not behave like dictators. They rule with rule of law and justice. Justice is foundation of their rule in European nations. Yet, so called Muslim rulers who claimed that they are guardians of the most sacred mosques and places of divine revelation, they rule public with an iron grip and with injustice. They read the holy Quran day and night and yet, they act in contrary to what the Quran preach them. Unconditional justice is the foundation of the Quranic teaching and yet, Muslim rulers do all sort of injustice to public. What a disparity between Muslim and Non-Muslim rulers in application of justice in this modern world. What a prophecy of the prophet Mohamed to describe the good governance of Europeans 1400 hundred years ago?
          Sad part of this calamity is that many so-called Islamic clerics support these despotic governments in Muslim world. Evil clerics have been part of despotic and dictatorial rulers in Islamic history. They have been used by Muslim politicians to cling to power. This has been historically documented in Islamic history. Today, so called evil clerics support these dictators in Muslim countries. To speak for victims is an Islamic duty. Yet, in this case of execution many Muslim academics and institutions have failed to condemn the ruthless Egyptian government.
Of course, Islamic history is full of blood sheds, internal fights, wars, tortures and murders and yet, in this modern age of human right and freedom this sort of barbarism is not acceptable at all. In fact, the entire humanity should call for a moratorium for capital punishment in Islamic countries. In the name of Shari’ah, these despotic and dictatorial rulers use Islam to punish their political opponents. Islam has been used for their political needs. There is no Islamic system of justice in these countries. Many Non-Muslim European countries value human life as Islam promotes and, in this sense, many European countries protect Islamic ethical values more than many Muslim countries. Many Muslim countries violate Islamic teaching of human dignity and human freedom. Islam was revealed to protect human dignity and human freedman. Yet, today, Saudi and many Muslim countries suppress freedom of people in those countries. That is why we see a lot of people from those countries seek an asylum in Europe. If these Muslim countries apply Islamic ethics and morals, why should these people from Saudi flee from the grip of Saudi rule?

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