January 31, 2019

Senior DIG M R Latheef's retirement plan and President Sirisena's Double Edged Sword on Drug War

- Written by Muheed Jeeran -

Sri Lanka Police department is in a dissaray and its important to fixed the police department than our uncertain political situation in Sri Lanka. Shame to hear the possible retirement in days of the brave and Bold police officer of our modern day law enforcement in Sri Lanka, none other than Senior Deputy Inspector of General of Police for Organised Crime, Narcotics Range and STF Commandant M.R. Latiff.  His role on leading the Special Task Force to sweep the activities of  drug Lords and serious organize crimes are commendable. It's shame Sirisena's presidency and UNP Government failed to grant a service extension to this brave son of mother Lanka.  

One day I had a phone conversation with Latheef though I never met him person up to today, I noted he was a distressed police officer as his brave service is not recognized by our law makers rather they are more interested to safeguard their henchmen who are the targets of Special Task Force. Latheef never bowed down to these so called political masters. However he stated that he is already submitted his pension paper which I can assume he was not getting the backup from the government and some politicians are putting the pressure on him to interrupt his operation to clear these serious crimes. 

Shame on Sirisena as he is the Executive and also Minister of law and order but looks like he has not made any attempt to stop this brave policeman from  leaving the police service. Also I never see the Govt of UNP too silent on this.  It seens President Sirisena uses a Double Edged Sword for his so called war against Drugs.  Maithripala Sirisena's VOICE on tackling the drug trade is very powerful but on the current snerio of Latheef's retirement saga is clearly stating that the President Sirisena is very good at playing to his own gallery and fooling the public by portraying himself as a champion of eradicating drugs and underworld activities.

Well what else we can expect from the leaders  of this nation. However I have my moral duty as an Ordinary Citizen to stand for right things to build our nation for the betterment of our future generation. Therefore I am strongly urging the Leaders of this nation and necessary authorities to extend the service of Senior DIG Latheef as the head of Special Task Force and allow him to continue his great MISSION IMPOSSIBLE with free from political pressure. 

Mr President, it is the testing time about your genuineness and integrity on war against Drugs. So prove yourself to the public of Sri Lanka by use your executive power to change this decision. 

International Human Rights Activist

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