August 25, 2018

Obituary note (Dr Hasbullah)


I’m shocked and saddened with the sudden death of Dr Hasbullah. He is a retired Professor of Geography at Peradeniya University. He has worked at Peradeniya University for more than four decades. He has been a dedicated academic and professor. He has worked with commitment and dedication. He is a dynamic academic, advisor and guide. He has helped thousands of undergraduates and graduates. 
He committed himself for our community issues. Since exodus of Northern Muslim in 1990, Prof Hasbullah has been working day and night to help those displaced Muslims. He presented hundreds of talks on the plights of displaced Muslim community. He wrote many academic articles, research papers and books on the plights of displaced Northern Muslim community. He organised many conferences and seminars locally and internationally on the plights of Northern Muslim community. He met many politicians to find a viable solution and resettlement program for displaced Muslim community of Northern province. No academic or no intellectual dedicated time and energy for the plight of Northern Muslim community as Dr Hasbullah did. All his books and research papers testify how much and energy he put to help displaced Muslim community. May Allah reward him abundantly for this good work. 
Moreover, he was a dedicated Lecturer and academic. He maintained his intellectual and academic integrity. His academic publications are of high quality and are internationally recognised and read. He was a simple man and has been willing to help students any time. He was an approachable and friendly person. He has been helping Muslim Majlis and Muslim students’ organizations and Islamic religious activities. He was a sincere and honest person. He did not go behind politicians to seek political favours for promotion and posts. 
  Of course, he engaged in politics not for his personal gains but for the greater interest of the Muslim community.  He was furious when some Muslim parties supported the government to amend provincial electoral borders. He alerted the Muslim politicians about impending danger of such a move by the government. He was aware about disadvantages of this change to all minorities in Sri Lanka. So, he alerted the Muslim political leaders about this. 
          I met him two or three times in London when he came to some conferences here. He visited our house in 1998 when he came to London. He has been working day and night to help the Muslim community in Sri Lanka. He was very much concerned about the education and politics of the Muslim community in Sri Lanka. We are missing one of best academics that Sri Lankan Muslim community produced. He is an irreplaceable Muslim academic with his humbleness and politeness. 

          May Allah reward him Jennath Al-Firdaus and forgive his all sin and reward him highest place in Paradise. May Allah give patience to his family to bear his lost.

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