July 31, 2018



               Imran Khan has won a historical victory in this Pakistani general election. It is a great victory for Pakistan cricketer, his party and for his country. For the last two decades, Pakistan has been facing many socio-economic and political problems. The religious extremism and violence have been threatening the stability and security of the country for the last three decades. Indeed, violence has been one of main concerns of Pakistani military forces for the last two decades. Many attacks took place in recent time in Pakistan. 

          The Political corruption dominated Pakistan since its establishment. Pakistan has had experienced many military coups. Pakistan is ruled and dominated by few Military and feudal leaders. More than 80% of Pakistani population do not share fair land ownership. Most people in Pakistan suffer from poverty, lack of education and employment opportunities. Moreover, corruption and fraud dominate in many public and private sectors of government. Drug addiction and drug business has intruded in many parts of the country. 

           Pakistan was established on the ideals of Islamic values and principles. Yet, for the last 70 years, Pakistan has been going away from the Islamic ideals of equality, peace, justice, and rule of law. People have had enough of late Benazir Buto family and Nawaz Shariff family. Most people feel that these two families have ruined the economy of the country. People are fade up with politics of Pakistan. People are frustrated with political conditions of Pakistan and they are not happy at all with other main political parties. Against this background, Imam Khan and his party went for this election. It was a timely election for Imran Khan. Was it a political blessing for Imran Khan from Allah or a divine testing for him? Time will testify it.

           One of the best things about this election is the democratic values are still protected in Pakistani land. Unlike many Arab countries people of Pakistan want to protect their political right and democracy.  This election sends a strong message to the Muslim world. That if people want to change the government they could do it in a democratic way without any violence. Arab countries could learn a big lesson from Pakistani democratic traditions. Since its establishment, Pakistan has been protecting its democratic traditions. This is despite some military coups that took place in Pakistan. 

          Protecting democratic traditions is very much important in Pakistan for many reasons. Pakistan needs a strong democratic government not only for its stability but also to set a good example for the entire Muslim world. Today, Muslim politics is in a mess in the Arab world. Many Arab countries do not protect democratic traditions to share people’s aspiration and political wishes. Pakistan can play a greater role in the Muslim world in promoting a good political precedent with its good democratic tradition and good governance. Like Malaysia Pakistan needs to set some good development goals. If Imran Kahn succeeded on this, he come become a national hero in politics too. 

        The security, peace, social harmony, political stability, economic development and education development should be some of the priorities of new political leadership. All type of violence and extremism should be immediately stopped for good. Today, in this modern world of digital technology and artificial intelligence there is no room for violence and extremism. No way, any violent group or militia groups could win in any arm struggle in this modern digital world of warfare and fighting. So, Pakistan badly needs peace and stability for its economic development and progress.  All religious groups must forget about their petty religious differences and cooperate with new government to establish peace and security to rebuild this nation.  Moreover, Pakistan must establish a good diplomatic relation with India, Afghanistan to boost its economic development.

            Pakistan has got many religious ideological groups and sects. I know well it would be a daunting task to make any meaningful unity among some of these groups and yet, to protect the greater interest of this nation, new government should make some new strategies to make some reconciliation between these groups. Moreover, Pakistan has got thousands of Arabic colleges and institutions. All these need some reformation and update if they want to see a real peace and harmony in Pakistan forever. Moreover, social equality, economic fairness and rules of law are some of important issues today in Pakistan. Poor people suffer a lot from landlords. That needs some radical change. 

      Pakistan has got a rich human potentiality with its rich human resource. Imran Khan should devote his political energy and leadership skills to enrich human resources of Pakistan population. In this modern world of technology this is not an impossible task.    It was a Pakistani economist who introduced the new concept of human development for UNDP. Dr Mahbub Ul-Haq is the archect of UNDP’s human development report. The first ever HDR was produced by Dr Mahbub Ul Haq in 1990. Had Pakistan benefited from his  human development concept since it was published in 1990. Pakistan would have made some dramatic change in human resource development. It is not too late for Imran Khan to follow the advice and guanines of Dr Mahbub on human development.

      The second largest Muslim country in the world should set some good example in politics and good governance. Imran khan is a good reader and a good intellectual as well. I’m fortunate enough to read some of his articles.  So, we could expect some radical changes in coming years. It is said that he has been greatly influenced by Ali Shariati and Allah Iqbal on social justice, political reform, education and moral values. So, we could expect that he introduces some political, economic and social reforms in Pakistan in line with Islamic social responsibility and social values.

         We hope and pray a successful political career for Imran Kahn and we pray a brighter and prosperous future for Pakistan. May Allah bless people of Pakistan with peace and prosperity.  


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Pakistan never be a peaceful country not because of it's people but because of terrorist country India.India is creating all the problem inside the Pakistan using agents, hired killers,gangsters and disguised Indian agents.One of Indian agent who created problem now in Pakistani jail.

Not only in Pakistan but in entire south Asia is in problem because of India.It want to dominate entire south Asia and keep under it's thump. So not only Pakistan but entire south never be peaceful place unless India is controlled.

Tamil terrorism is created by India to dominate Srilanka and destroyed it's economy through it's agents in srilanka as doing in Pakistan.Now too not finish it's interference in Srilanka's politics.There is ample evidence in that Norway,Tamil diaspora well backed by India(raw) is behind the kandy incidents too.India never want see peaceful srilanka or South Asia.What it want is greater India or united India South Asia.This was also accepted by Indian politician who visited Dubai.In a public debate in tv program when one journalist ask about this.He said yes it is true there is a plan.Even the Tamils do not know it's sinister move of occupy the srilanka on the back of Tamils.But tamil Nadu people understand the true nature of Hinduthwa and BJP.Tamil Nadu people was suffering badly at the hands of these terrorist.

Not only in politics but in sports specially in cricket too it is making problem.match fixing is started in India destroying cricket and cricketers.Highly talented Pakistani cricketers are trapped by match fixers(bogus)after trapping them by spot fixing give the information to relevant people to catch them.So the match fixers and the informers are same.That is what happened to M.Amir,salman butt and M.Asif.Now same is done to Sharjeel khan and khalid lathif who are highly talented ODi batsmen.So systematical both are sidelined.These Pakistanis not understand this conspiracy of India.

So India is terrorizing south Asians in every field.Back in India it is terrorizing Muslims,tamil nadu people and dalith people by so called high cast BJP and hinduthwa. So India's terror will continue in every field and South Asia never been in peace.

Dear Imthiyas I too partly agree with your accusation and arguments..
But; It's in India' interests to prevails peace in Asia.
Indian economy is now booming .
So; economic development needs peace..without peace no econmic development..
That is why when Chinese military constructed Roar route in eastern part of India india did not go for a war ...rather went for discussion..
It's true India supported Tamil Tiger and but tiger hit them back ..
India learned it lesson ..
But today india has increased its political influences in Sri Lanka in North and Up Country areas..
Sri Lanka cannot help it has to please both India and China ..
India is a Hotpoint...any time it could explode in cast wars so; it should not isolate Dalith people...
Pakistan needs India for its economic boosting .

That is a must for them too..
India and Pakistan must work hand in hand for peace .
Conflict is dangerous today with both has got newclear weapons

Brother,Atteeq Abu@
why you agree with partly?do you mean that half of what I said was wrong.India no need peace but want confrontation and occupation.It did not go to war against china simply because it cannot challenge powerful China.India is flex it's muscle against small nation.

India's economy not booming and not developed country but developing country.it's economy is depend on middle east.Millions of Indians occupied middle east and sending money in billions to their country.They reluctant to go to India even after retirements asking for extension.Before middle east in 1970 ties it's people were dying in starvation,malnutrition and deceases.

Let alone India's peace with neighbors but it is not ready to be peace with it's own people.How it treat women,dhalith people,Muslims and christian.So what i want to say is that India is epicenter of terrorism.

You are right .
Now ..india wants take away the citizenship of 4 million poor people Assaam.
After lining 50 years they want to do this for poor ?
Why Now ?
BJP and Hunduwala want to wipe minorities out of India .

What kind of joke is it. Muslims are born terrorists. But shamelessly they are discussing about terrorism.

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