July 21, 2018

நுஸ்ரான் பின்னூரி குழுவுடன், ரிஸ்வி முப்தி தலைமையில் கலந்துரையாடல்

வீட்டில் பிள்ளை பெறுதல், தடுப்புசி, மற்றும் கல்வி தொடர்பில் நுஸ்ரான் பின்னூரி குழுவுடன்,  ஜம்மியத்துல் உலமா கலந்துரையாடல் ஒன்றில் நேற்று (20) பங்கேற்றுள்ளது.

இதுதொடர்பிலான அறிக்கையையே இங்கு காண்கிறீர்கள்.

8 கருத்துரைகள்:

So; pathetic is Muslim community ?.?
Tell them to think how to send a rocket to Mars from Sri Lanka...
Not to discuss about injections..

சுமூகமான தீர்வு எடுக்கப்படும் வரை இது தொடர்பான பொது பயான்கள் பன்னக் கூடாது என்றுதான் தீர்மானிக்க ப்பட்டது

ஜரோப்பிய நாடுகளில் அதிகமான டாக்டர்கள் தடுப்பூசியின் எதிர் விளைவுகளை பற்றி பேசுகிறார்கள். இலங்கையில் டாக்டர்களுக்கு பதிலாக ஒரு மௌலவி பேசுவதால் பிரச்சினை உண்டாகிறது. And this is debatable topic. Home birth and Anti Vaccination propaganda is some things common in western countries. But they are conducted by high qualified Doctors. Not by Aalims.

Below article was sent to me by a ACJU staff.

Official report from secretary IFNUD
Report on the discussion with ACJU and the team headed by Mawlavi Nusran on 20th July 2018 in Kandy
The discussion was initiated and coordinated by KDJU headed by As Sh Omerdeen

It was a cordial bilateral discussion in a meeting presided by Mufthi Rizvi president ACJU.

Six members represented from both group

The NBN team was represented by a doctor with MBBS qualification too

After a Qirath and formalities the discussion commenced

President IFNUD made a brief introduction about the forum to ACJU and others in the meeting

The discussion commenced after a brief introduction by Mufthi Rizvi in the subject

It was agreed by both team to take forward discussion on issues on vaccine , promotion on home delivery and discouraging education
within our community

To start the bilateral discussion Mawlavi Nusran stated about their stand on current health problems and their concerns on vaccine

Then Dr Zarook Sahabdeen representing IFNUD team talk on national issues related to their campaign in the subject mentioned above

A team member of NBN who is a Naleemi talk on vaccine related issues on their point of view.

Dr Faizal representing IFNUD, answered the queries rose by the previous speaker and the benefit of vaccine.

The doctor representing the NBN team came out the real scenario of vaccination program in SL and accepted the success story of vaccination in SL

Dr Wazil and Dr Niyas too contributed to the discussion on behalf of IFNUD to prove our case

Few cross questions were answered appropriately by both parties

In between the discussion Mufthi Rizvi moderated the discussion

As IFNUD team, we role around the discussion to reach the following agreements Alhamduliilah

After clearing the minor misunderstanding it was decided to agree and consent for the following by both parties

Consensus and agreements reached at the end of discussion
1. Pending further discussion to clear issues, the team lead by NBN agreed to stop their campaign temporarily on subject mentioned above with immediate effect

3. As IFNUD representative we are optimistic that our discussions on the issues in the near future would leads us to take permanent agreement In Sha ALLAH

4. An official agreement was signed by both team in this regard to abide by the condenses, witnessed by the secretary KDJU a signatory in the formal way.


Genuinely joint hand with IFNUD leadership for the sake of Allah for the betterment of our country and community


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This comment has been removed by the author.

A bunch of Aalims talking against national program and as a result an outbreak of polio or similar disease is imminent !!!
Already ministry officials blame that our community is not careful enough with regard to various communicable and non communicate diseases.
I think we should not allow aalims to take health matters !’

Alums will let you know what is allowed and what is not allozxinIslam..

If you area Muslim .... any worldly issue should first looked through sareea for anyprohibition... If Islam does not prohibit then we a. proceed.

This is only for those who put Islam before world.

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