June 07, 2018

மைத்திரிபாலவின் இப்தார் (படங்கள்)

ஜனாதிபதி மைத்தரிபால சிறிசேன ஏற்பாடு செய்திருந்த  இப்தார் நிகழ்வு இன்று -07- ஜனாதிபதி மாளிகையில் நடைபெற்றது.

இதன்போது பிடிக்கப்பட்ட படங்களையே இங்கு காண்கிறீர்கள்.

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Is it chicken kanch? or beef kanchi?

those who with my3 ifthar as a politician they dont have public support only my3 support

Who else are there politician to make arrangements for ifthar..
This kind of all stupits hide a big pumpkin in a plate of rice..
u guys read the article 'Prostituting iftar for poltical gaining' and 'ostentatious iftars and obcene poverty' by prof.Ameer ali u can see in colombo telegraph.I feel really politicians are brilliance. They r doing there pootical very good manner.but we r fools stupits by our short memories and selfishness.

Min.Rishad and Min.hakeekm were fighting in cabinet for there poltical activity among non muslim..
We people worried abot such as these incidents..
We r praying our Rub(ALLAH) for Our UMMATH..
Punishment will soon for all including us..
I can't be bare the day to day poltical activities against srilankan people..
Min.Mangale,former president Mahinda,president maitry and pri.min Ranil,vimal,ravi,namal... r playing big poltical game for there gain...
Day to day life people get ready for beginning...
Where had to be wrong...

Haleem minister also here next to the precident but u know? there is no compensation for our Digane ummath, mr.haleem (min) u r selected in parliament by kandy people for kandy people most of the Muslims voted u...
Hey u minister y r u keep silent for the reparation of the kandy violence..
Y u keep silence r u unable to speak with pre.maithri..

I don't know the recent situations how r they people survive for doing their life...
Jaffna muslim should inform my comment to min.Haleem for memories..
He may forget the incidents..

people Make thua for all our ummath and refrain from evil..
Let Be a good human being...

Faizer musthafa is here another side of president..
Personally I was thing about him as he s a genttle man but he had betrayed for our society in Geneva but Asian Muslims civilians for france provided good answer to Min.faizer musthafa..
One day leaders (Including jammiathul ulama) u all will get good experiences in in this world and here after...
Be care in future..

YA ALLAH WE r made iniquity and injustice ya allah..
Protect all people who have loving caring and humen being...

Ameen Ameen Yarabbal Alameen..

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