January 02, 2018

Local council election and Muslim community in Sri Lanka


Local council elections are supposed to take place next month in Sri Lanka.  22 million Sri Lankans are getting ready for this election: It is reported that this time more candidates are competing than ever before in the history of Sri Lanka. More than 76.000 candidates are competing for local election nomination. Moreover, Tamil, Muslim and Sinhalese communities are actively engaged in this local election: it is reported that this local election mechanism is different from previous election system. 

 The Muslim community is the second minority community in Sri Lanka: unlike in the past, today, politics controls all aspects of human life: it controls your money, your wealth, your welfare, your education, your religious rights, your community rights and your safety and above all your national interest. Therefore, as Sri Lankans we should all fully participate in this election to elect some of most qualified and most suitable candidates to represent Muslim community in this local election nationwide. 

      Much has been said and debated about Muslim participation in this election: Some people prefer to go alone with national political parties in this election and some others prefer to vote to some Muslim national political parties: There is no any unanimous agreement among Muslim community on this issue: it is entirely left for the freedom of individuals to support any party he or she wishes. In any democratic country voting is a personal freedom: In western countries voting is entirely personal freedom of each person: Even a husband and wife could vote for different parties: yet, in Sri Lanka voting culture is different. I think this election is a crucial election for Muslim community:

         I predict that due to new electoral system, the Muslim representation may dramatically go down in this election. Why do I say this? unlike in previous election, this time, a large member of Muslim community is contesting in 7 political parties: UNP, SLFP, JVP, NFGG, SLMC, SLNC, and many independent candidates: naturally, we could expect that many candidates may fail to secure a win with a tiny margin: this is due to internal competition among us. We should know this local election is very much competitive: We are so scattered in many parts of Sri Lanka and our vote bank is too small in many electorates: Therefore, it would not be wise for Muslim community to let all these people to compete one another:  Anyway, now, we cannot do anything about it and we could take some lessons from this election. 

One brother asked me this question. At this crucial juncture in Sri Lanka, who should we support in this election?   I think that we all Sri Lankans should support a  political party that honestly and seriously cares about Sri Lankan national interest: a party that is very much serious about the welfare of people and a party that puts the country first over their personal interest: Each one of us knows which party is really working for Sri Lanka beyond all communal interest: I do not like to point out here and yet, you know well which party is dedicated for this country: It is my humble opinion you should go with  the consciousness of your heart: 

Moreover, we should compare and contrast the positive and negative sides of main political parities in Sri Lanka: is it UNP is better for Sri Lanka today or is it SLFP is better for Sri Lanka today: is it JVP is better for Sri Lanka today: we should compare and contrast all pros and cons of all parities: Tamil community will have their own political agenda but we can not go lone with them but we should think wisely about our community and its future: we should put the interest of our community above our personal interest: we should put the interest our country over the interest of our community in some cases; unfortunately, in Sri Lanka each community has got the habit to put the interest of their community over the national interest: Since 1948, all Sri Lanka communities have been doing this: this led to many bloodsheds and destruction: All three communities should put the country first above their interest: Each community could benefit more if the country is prosperous and if the country is in a trouble all communities will have to pay the price:  that is what happened in the last 70 years. Our communal greediness took us for a war for more than 30 years and we all paid a huge price for that mistake of communal thinking. 

So, what should we do in this election: we should have some criterion to vote in this election: I think that candidates should have some basic qualifications: Today, we live in this competitive and high-tech world: So, candidates who represent us in any local or national election must have some certain level of qualifications and skills to do some good for our community: 

1) Vote for the most honest candidate among all candidates in your areas: It does not matter if he or she is a Muslim or Non-Muslim. If the candidate is honest and dedicated for the welfare of Sri Lanka and its people vote for them: Do not vote for a dishonest candidate even if he or she is a Muslim candidate : Quran sets this quality as a moral guideline to appoint any one for any official post: Our community will get more benefit from a honest non-Muslim candidate than a dishonest Muslim candidate: this is a true fact: Muslim community has been fooled for many years by some so called Muslim politicians: this is a good time to teach them a lesson: 

2) Vote for any candidate that you feel is more qualified with the vast experience and good qualifications: today, in this modern competitive world of politics, candidates should have some basic qualifications: IQ & language skills, some political and good IT skills too. Vote for any one you think has got these qualities. 

3) Vote for any party that upholds some good moral and ethical principles: For instance, unconditional justice is one of the most important human values: justice is equal to all: so, think which party is promoting justice in Sri Lanka: so, vote for any party that treats all communities with sense of equality and justice. Do not care what others think but act as your heart conscience tells you: 

4) Vote for any party that treats all communities equally away from racial hatred and consider the concept of lesser evil in this election when you vote: Put the interest of your community within the greater national interest of Sri Lanka: Think if Sri Lankan economy is doing well it means that your community will benefit from it, if Sri Lankan economy is bad your community too will suffer with it. If Sri Lanka prospers all communities will prosper so, it is illogical to think communally in Sri Lanka today: 

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