October 04, 2017

மாட்டு மூத்திரத்தையும், மாட்டு சாணியையும் இந்தியாவின் அதிசயமாக அறிவித்துவிடு

 மாட்டு மூத்திரத்தையும், மாட்டு சாணியையும் இந்தியாவின் அதிசயமாக அறிவித்துவிடு

8 கருத்துரைகள்:

Hey bastard mind your language, don't try to underestimate the religion followed by 1.2 bn ppl. This website should stop posting the slogans afainst hinduism and India.
India os far better nation that all the islamic nations in the world.
India has the second largest country in terms of islamic populations.
But think avout hw many muslim nation has atleast less percent of any other religion.
If you are insluting India evertine,it includes the 15% of islamic population also.

சூப்பர்!!! சில காலங்களின் பின் இதனையே பிரதான உணவாக அறிவித்தாலும் புதுனம் கிடையாது.

Hey basterd you should shut..cow urine drinlker..who are you advise us.go and lick your indian foot and bath filthiest river ganga.

Poor Anusha seems to have intoxicated with too much cow urine consumption . Baratha Mada being a largest country with disgusting culture vultures hipocracy unhygenic starving IT guys full of superstious morons .

Idiot check who has commented about your India. That person knows the real face of u people

Are you low class Hindu? Hinduism entitled to Aryans not for Dravidians

Shafraz khan,
You have made me to realize why Modi govt killed hundreds of Muslims in Gujarat like a pigs

Mohamed Shahul,
Even we can produce some anti islamic statement narrated by fedup muslms. I can produce with the evident, there will be some crooks in all the community, but ot is fooloish to show his mindset to the others likw what nowadays the filthy islamic dogs do

Don't try to create space between us, we know what we are following, don,t think that you can divert the mindset of any Tamils by analysing hinduism.
You know how the radical islam born in SriLanka, why muslims are highly concentrated in East which is Tamil area why not in Sinhala area
Study the history you dirty arragont, muslims are in Stilanka becaise of the dignity of tamils in 12th century, In the same century you forefathers were chased by the sinhalese.
Now you guys want to fck us

Afghanistan is the most cultural centre in the world and most developed in ters of hunan index and ladies literacy rate
America is giving some goid fck to you and your community in Afghanistan

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