July 18, 2017

இன்று நீதிமன்றுக்கு வந்த, ஞானசாராவின் வழக்கு

Update on Contempt case of Gannassara Thero.

Court appeal heared contempt case today (18)  Case resumed at 1.30pm.

Accused lawyer moved for date on the basis that his client was not served with thr list of witnesses but state objected and demonstrated that full case record containing charge sheet  and list of withnesses was made available prior to the case.

Therefore objection was overruled and witness number 01 - Hon. Magistrate Ranga Dissanayaka's evidence in chief was led and cross examination also concluded today.

Trial will resume tomorrow to lead evidence of second witness. 

Application to postponed the case to date in August was refused by courts.

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