March 20, 2017

Norway as the happiest country in the World

-R. Nihal-

Norway as the happiest country in the World -World Happiness Report released by the United World happiness Report released by the United Nations ranks Norway as the most happiest country in the world.

Ranking is based on factors such as, concern over the country's population,  generosity, honesty, healthy life expectancy, personal income, perceptions of corruption , dystopia + residual, GDP per capita and the features of good governance for the year 2017.

Denmark relegated to second place, followed by Iceland and Switzerland right after.

1. Norway (7.537)
2. Denmark(7.522),
3. Iceland(7.504) 
4. Switzerland(7.494), 
5. Finland(7.469), 
6. Netherlands(7.377), 
7. Canada(7.316),
8. New Zealand(7.314), 
9. Australia(7.284), 10. Sweden7.284).

Sri Lanka ranked as nr.120(4.440)

Interesting to note:

19. United Kingdom

80. Pakistan(5.269),
122. India(4.315),
110. Bangladesh(4.608),

Least happiest countries as follows:

146. Yemen(3.593),
147. South Sudan(3.591),
148. Liberia(3.533),
149. Guinea(3.507),
150. Togo(3.495),
151. Rwanda(3.471),
152. Syria(3.462),
153. Tanzania(3.349),
154. Burundi(2.905),
155. Central African Republic(2.693)

1 கருத்துரைகள்:

Alhamdulillah. Thank to God for being one of the happiest man in one of the happiest country in the world...Norway!

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