November 17, 2016

யூதர்களின் கோட்டையில் அதான் ஒலி, கூக்குரல் இட்ட சாத்தான்கள் (வீடியோ)

யூதர்களின் கோட்டையில் ஒலித்த அதான் - சாத்தான் கூக்குரல் (வீடியோ)


Today the Israeli Parliament tried to ban the Adhan so this brother did the Adhan live in the parliament, look at the reaction!

May Allah swt protect our palestinian brothers and sisters. Aameen


3 கருத்துரைகள்:

May Allah reward you Jaffna muslim for bringing here this video in Tamil. Our muslim politicians who are afraid to stand for their faith and community have a lesson to learn from this video. Also for the muslim community... specially to those whom are dishonest towards brother Razik...

Jaffna Muslim must be appreciated publish here such type of news for readers.Assad Saaly & idiot muslim leaders must learn from this brave voice among zionist. those who are blamming Brother Abdul Razeek need to calm down & pray for him to release soon.

Pls brother keep our mouth silent

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