October 16, 2016



          Any student of  Middle East politics would say that Al-Sisi is one of most ineptitude and stupid politicians  in the history of Egypt. This general statement needs some substantial rational answers.. Why is it Al-Sisi is incompetent? why do we say that? This needs some clarifications. You will have  a convincing answer to this question if you read my article in full. 
         Why does Egypt today go against Saudi and agaisnt the interest of Gulf region? what is the reason for that? It all happened after Egypt voted with Russia in UN in support of war in Aleppo. 
Saudi has been supporting Egypt for many years and Indeed, All gulf regions have been supporting Egypt for many years. Today, most of Egyptian migrants are working in Gulf countries. Egypt depends on foreign currency earning for its economic survival. Foreign currency earning from gulf nations is number one income for Egyptian  economy.  Gulf countries have been spending and donating to Egypt a huge of amount of money more than any one in the world. US has reduced its donation dramatically to Egypt. compared to US Aid, Saudi and Gulf regions have been pouring its support and donations to Egypt and yet, after all this, Now Egypt has turned its back on Saudi and Gulf regions. It is utterly unfair, and unwise too. 

       Why at this difficult time,  Egypt went agaisnt Saudi and gulf countries. Why is it? Is it not a ungrateful dirty politics of SISI against all Arab norm of gratitude and thanks? 
Egypt is one of strongest Arab nations with population of more than 80 millions. It  has 1/4 of entire Arab population.. if Arab world has got  400 Millions Arab population,  out of it,  almost 1/4th Arabs live in Egypt. Its army, its geography and its population are  strategically important for the survival of Sunni Islam. With its rich human and natural resources, Egypt is an integral part of Suni Muslim world. It is a center of Islamic civilization and has been guiding Muslim Ummah for centuries with its academic and Islamic heritage and its commitment to Islam.. No one can belittle Egypt's role and yet, SISI and his cohorts has tarnished this good name for  Egypt. It is not Egyptian people we are talking about here rather Its wrong and bad policies of SISI to Sunni Muslim world we are talking about here.. 

   We do not need to tell you what Iran is doing right now in gulf region? it is almost invading each inch of Sunni Arab world. It has a secret plan to occupy most of Sunni Arab land including Sacred places of Islam: Iranian clerics openly said this many times.  Some of them are hierarchical orders of Shia clerics who said this in public meeting .. 
 What  we should all know is that that Sunni population in the world is nearly 85% of Muslim population in Muslim world and  Shia population constitutes around 15% of world population and yet, most of Shia  live in ME region.

 From Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, Eastern part of Saudi, Syria, Lebanon to Oman, all have a large proportion of Shia population..It can said that 85% of Shia live in this region..

 With support of Iran,  shia population in ME is plotting to take over most of gulf region. In this cold war between gulf regions and Iran, outsiders such as Russians, US and west do not care about this cold war between Sunni and Shia. Some argue that they  expect such cold war to take place to sell weapons for both sides as they did during Iran and Iraq war.. 

Today, Iraq is gone from the hands of Sunni with death of Saddam,   Syria is almost gone into the hands of Iran now, Yemen is at the breaking point. Entire Arab region is on fire in one way or another 

   At this time How on earth this mad cow Sisi could go against Saudi and Sunni Gulf nations. Your house  is burning and yet, you do not care what is going inside your house but you care about outside world? if Sisi thinks that he is part of Sunni world. 

Today, entire Sunni Muslim world is on fire and it is literally burning and it is in a  great trouble and yet, This mad cow Sisi and his cohorts can not understand it. They may know it and yet, they do not care about it.. Most irresponsible and hypocritical leader ever seen by Sunni Muslim world..

What sort of political wisdom Sisi and his cohorts have got? what sort of foreign policy has this mad cow Sisi and his cohorts have got? Is it wait and see until Iran come into its door steps? Already Iran is at door steps of many gulf countries. Why do not they realize it..otherwise, does SISI uses bullying tactics to take more and more money and oil from Saudi and gulf nations as a guardian of Arab nation in region. SISI tell Saudi king and leaders of gulf nations .. Give us more money and give us more oil. .. so that I will with my big army in your protection of all gulf countries agaisnt the threats from Iran? Is it some of sort of bulling and political intimidation that SISI uses over gulf crisis.. 

 If Egypt is a truly an Arab and Sunni Muslim nation it should stand with its Arab brothers in  time difficulties. you know your true friend not at the time of ease rather at the time of harsh difficulties. 

 No doubt Iran is encircling gulf nations now than ever before.. Iran send its weapons to Assad, Iran sends its weapons to Houthis, Iran sends its militia to kill Sunni in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. It a matter of time, this cold war between Sunni and Shia world could burst into all out war in the region.. May Allah protect it from dirty hands of Iran ..

Why Not Now SISI and Egyptian military stand with Saudi and gulf regions.. rather it support Assad and Iran.? 

This Saudi and Egypt conflict turns ugly now . Egypt has declared that it will stop people sending to Ummrah in protest against Saudi's decision to cut off oil supply.

 What about if Saudi and gulf nations want to send all Egyptian migrants back home now? who will suffer ? Its not this mad cow Sisi rather its is Egyptian people? Saudi will never behave as this mad cow SISI behave..Saudi will use its wisdom and its religious and spiritual tradition to expend hands of cooperation.. 

 People in Egypt are highly educated. Why they not use their wisdom and political sense to support their brothers in faith and blood in gulf nations.For them Gulf nations are more important than this crooked shia Iran. Why  do they want to make alliance with Iran and Assad. of course, It is not people Egypt but SISI and his cohorts.People should openly oppose SISI's  wrong policies 

It is not MB or any Islamic groups that are now acting against Sunni Muslim world rather its Iran and some external forces. So People Egypt should realize this and guide this mad cow Sisi into right path or get rid of it .. Saudi is not agaisnt Egypt or people of Egypt .. Its agaisnt narrow minded policies of SISI and his cohorts... 
It is unfortunate that Egypt did not send its foreign minister to yesterday's foreign ministers meeting in Saudi. Egypt boycotted it intentionally because Turkey sent its foreign minister. If Saudi and Turkey can have mutual understanding and respect at this time to save Sunni Muslim world.. Why not Egypt can not have such mutual understanding with Saudi? 

It looks that Sisi's politics is a childish politics. He and his cohorts lack political wisdom. They do not care what happened to Sunni Muslim world but rather all what they  care  is about their political powers and they want to save their political chairs at the expense of Sunni Muslim world, even if Iran takes of gulf region they do not care about it. 

All what they want is to wipe out MB in each and every part of Arab world.. That is why they support Assad to wipe out Islamic groups in Syria.?

 For SISI and his cohorts number one enemy is not Iran or Assad or any one else But It is MB and its supporters,.,If Turkey or any Muslim countries support MB, SISI and his cohort see it as a existential threat for him and for his cohorts.

This is the logic of SISI and his cohorts. They want to wipe of Islam and Islamic groups from the face of gulf regions..
Now SISI says that he would not prostrate any one except Allah? 
What a liar is he? He has killed thousands of pious Egyptians who have been prostrating to Allah day and night and who want to live according to what Allah says and yet, he killed them ..? how on earth he can use ALLAH'S name for his barbarism? 

what I can not understand is why military hierarchy of Egypt and Intellectuals of Egypt can not grasp all this dangers surrounding the gulf region. ?

 why no one can not stand up and say to SISl enough is enough. You are  crossing Red lines now.. You are taking the entire Sunni world into destruction? Either you have to give up your power and go home or we will have to find alternative to this deadly politics in Egypt. Why people in Egypt do not rise up to this dictator who is taking all Muslim world into utter annihilation..  This mad cow SISI is shame to entire Muslim world. 

2 கருத்துரைகள்:

Hahhahaha!!! Dr Rifai do you know who supported this anti Muslim Zionist agent SISi,it is Saudi and Gulf countries except Qatar.When this man toppled democratically elected government of Mursi America stopped it's aid package to Egypt so Saudi Arabia was furious and said we will support and give money to Sisi and his government.When this murderer killed thousand of unarmed MB members gulf countries kept silence and supported to do more. Took drastic action to ban MB in gulf countries and send back those who supported Mursi.

UAE planned to erect another eiffel tower in Egypt to reciprocate to topple the Mursi's Government. Now they are paying price of supporting anti Muslim Murderer.Saudi is making big mistake again and again.First in Iran_Iraq war in which they supported Saddam against Imam Komeini's Islamic revolutionary Government and alast Saddam turn his gun against who supported him in 8 year war against Iran.Again it suported SISi against Mursis Islamic Revolutionary government. Now Sisi is turning his gun against those who supported him. May be now this gulf countries understand value of Islamic renaissance movement and the Mr. Mursi.This is the curse of god who gone against Islamic revolution it is Shia or sunni. Both Saddam and Sisi waged the war against Islam. Both turn their gun against it's sponsors.

why do not you say that Iran is plotting to take over Makka and Madina. and see latest report of Hibullah Leader Hussain Nasrullah who said that Alter Aleppo Shia will go all the way to Makka and Madina ..Read Shia history first of all to see how they stole Black stone in the past.. Why do you support Shia.. We know well all Islamic rulers wanted wipe out MB in ME. but it is not possible.. public support them.. US and West played the game for many centuries. and yet, Now .. People and rulers know that.. Now they are looking alternative ways

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