October 09, 2016

Iran wants to move Hajj into city of Qom or Najaf:


According to some reliable sources (Hudud news in Arabic), Iran has decided to cancel the ritual of Hajj until the completion of construction of Alternative Kaaba or the transfer of those in Mecca to the City of Qom or Najaf. According to Ayat. Kisthani, Iran was compelled to take this decision after all other ways of finding solution for Iranian hajj pilgrimage failed. Iran wanted to administrate and maintain Hajj in cooperation and collaboration with Saudi government.

He said that Iran has offered Saudi its expertise in organizing the Nowruz, (Iranian festivals), and Ashura and support of Hezbollah, and Shia people in Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen and Syria, in organization of Hajj. yet, Saudi rejected such help saying that its historical and exclusive right to gain a livelihood from the pilgrimage since it was in pagan time ...

yet, Ayatollah Ali. Hussein. Khamenei’s said the new step does not aims to politicize or break Iran diplomatic relation with Saudi. but aims to relieve the pressure from Saudi in organization of Hajj and the distribution of pilgrims. This year Iran pilgrims did not go to Hajj. Iran argue that Saudi is incompetent to be guardians of holy cities. It argued that last year more than 2000 pilgrims died due to incompetence of Saudi Authorities to run hajj and provide protection for Hajj pilgrims.

Iran said that it has been talking with Saudi to resolve the problems of Hajj pilgrims and yet, Saudi sabotaged all those talks and finally it has decided to make alternative Hajj in Qom and Najaf.

I think that Iranian's hasty and crafty decisions will have some immense political and religious implications between Shia and Sunni relationship. It would make further division and resentment.

This decision tells many things about Iran's intention and it tells us that Iran has been plotting against Sunni Islam for many centuries. it repeats its past history

Shia Sect of Qaramite had already stolen black stone in History and today, Iran is doing same thing now and it wants to create its own brand of Shia Islam and divide Muslim world.

This plot is not a new one since Safavid Empire time, Iran has been fighting with Sunni Muslim world. and Now today, Iran wants to establish such modern Safavid Empire and for most of Iranians religion is used for its politics.

 Today, it uses its Shia brand of Islam for its political hegemony and domination in region. It uses USA, Israel and West for this purpose. it has its own doctrine of Taqiayh to hide behind all atrocities in Syria and Iraq Sunni are butchered and even children are killed and yet, Shia Islam does not care about it. 

How on Earth one could relocate Kaaba from its original place? It has been there since time of Adam and since times of Allah prophets. What sort of religion is this? 

 How on Earth one could do this? It means Iranians are in the same boat like Jews and Christians who altered and changed their religions for their own desire and whims. How on earth any Muslim could think about going for a hajj other than Mecca and Medina: Quran is very explicit on this and Iranians go against the Quran and Sunnah and against the Historical precedents of all Prophet.

This intention of Shia Iran shows that they have a plan to take over Holy Cities of Makkah and Medina. They have repeated said and spoken about it. For them, this is nothing as they had already stolen black stone once.  They have altered many teachings of Islam. 

    What is interesting is the timing of this announcement. Today, no more Saddam to challenge them. There are no good Islamic leaders in the Muslim world to question them. Today, USA, Israel, Russia and West are behind them.   They all support them one way or another. So, timing is most appropriate for Iran to display its political muscle on this issue. Today, USA is at odd with USA. Now USA is no more no one enemy for Iran. 

      Today, Sunni Muslim world is divided in many fronts.  Muslim world is weak and politically and religiously divided into many groups. Iran knows all that, it knows that Sunni Muslim world is so weak today than any time in history. out of 50 Sunni Muslim countries most of them are ruled by dictators, or ineptitude rulers.  They know well that Sunni politics is so weak today, Moreover, they also know well Sunni Islam inherited some form of weak politics. They know well Sunni Muslim world is so weak in politics and have any at all any substantial political influence for the last 100 years. They know well as long as these weak Sunni Muslim rulers rule Muslim world they can make mockery of Sunni Muslim world .

yet, Saudi and Gulf countries should take Iranian threat seriously and take some collective steps to counter it.  While Sunni world is burning right now in its many parts, there is no point in dividing Muslim Sunni world in lines of Safafi, Sufi, MB and JI groups.  Saudi should give political leverage and space to moderate Islamic groups to counter Shia Islam and its influence, if it not Shia Islam will get greater influence in many parts of Sunni Muslim world in a few decades. Before a greater disaster take place Saudi should take action now and swiftly consult Sunni Muslim leaders and scholars across world now rather than later. 
Before this apply to them. Understanding the disaster after they have occurred is like locking the stable door when the horse has bolted. So many times this happened to Saudi politics. Because of its lack of political wisdom. 

But, they all plot but Allah is best plotter and He will protect his sacred places as He did in the past,

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Why you are lying? Your recourse is not reliable. Iran is trying to connect Saudi for haj.but they refuse this.
اللهم اهدنا الصراط المستقیم

Dr Rifai and Dr SLM Rifai ? Same or Different personals.

Mr.Ali... FYI:

The position of Saudi on this issue is as follow

"Any one can go to perform Hajj in Makkah, Mina, Mustalifa and Arafa but with one condition..? YES

The visitor should perform HAJJ as instructed and taught by Muhammed ibnu Abdullah (sal). Then no restriction for IRAN or any one to come.

BUT if Any body come to HAJJ with many other AGENDAS, such calling Hussain in place of Allah which is SHIRK then not allowed

if any one come to make chanting against other people.. then not allowed.

I hope Mr. Ali knows HAJJ is from way of Muhammed (sal), But not any other way.

May Allah Guide us in the path of SALAF us saliheens.

Dr Rifai,
I do not agree with completely with your some points.It is not this west Israel and America behind Iran but behind Saudi and other gulf countries.Saudi Arabia is having a close connection with Israel and US's biggest Ally.Whole the money (US$ 750 billion)is kept in American Bank.Destroyed the Islamic world's economy by giving oil to america for low price.This is done to punish Iran and Russian economy,but could not understand that it is ruining it's economy.Now because of that foolish act(advice of America)Now Saudi Arabia is struggling to meet both ends meets.

Same condition prevailed in Iran prior to Islamic revolution in 1979. which is ruled by Shah's.Those shah's had a close connection with America and Israel and kept vast assets in American Bank most of which are managed by Jews.but these assets were taken back by force after the Islamic revolution by taking American Embassy staff hostage,that they were freed after the Iran's assets were released.So annoyed America imposed the economic sanction that until now not lifted.So your claim America and west are behind Iran is ridiculous.Not only that but instigate Saddam Hussain to wage a 8 year war which was well supported by Saudi and other gulf countries.So first major war between Muslim countries is started by Arabs.Saddam is used by America to teach Iran a lesson.So Muslim unity is shattered, this is not first time, It is Arabs who rebelled against Ottoman empire using Arab nationalism and destroyed Muslim unity which prevailed under ottoman rule and how the great leader Salahuddeen Ayyubi brought unity and defeated crusaders. How Hisbullah under Hassan Nasarullah inflicted heavy blow to modern day well advance Israel and carried the war for more than a month but in 1967 three establish countries Syria,Jordan and Egypt could not resist the war for a week against under develop Israel.

So Hisbullah,Hamas,Iran and Syria are not dance to the tune of America and west as Gulf countries do, they are under attack and want to replace by those who are under their control.

if the Iranian want to shift Ka'bah they will learn a lesson and must remind what happened to Abrah's forces.So This Iran and Saudi must stop using that Shia-Sunni differences and destroying Islamic world for political domination.Also there must be a highest standard Islamic scholars of Shia and Sunni's conference to shelve this dangerous difference.also we must learn to respect each other they are sunni or Shia.These leaders cannot understand that Shia sunni difference is well used by enemy of Islam to destroy Islam and the Muslims.

I agree with you ...that Arab leadership failed since the Ummayyad time...utter failiure of politics..
Saudi will lean it's lesson soon.when it money is wiped out from USA..
Iran will lean it's lesson when Isreal attack it soon..
Enemy is confused between Muslim groups..and conutries

Rulers of any country may go after any country. But you try to change Haj from Makkah Madina means you war against Allah and his Prophet.Politically allthe countries are same.No angels as far as politics is concerned dear.

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