September 02, 2016

தினம் தினம் கொலை செய்யப்படும் முஸ்லிம் சமூகம் - இந்தியாவில் தொடரும் அராஜகம்

தினம் தினம் கொலை செய்யப்படும் முஸ்லிம் சமூகம்..!
இந்திய மண்ணில் தொடரும் அராஜகம்..,!!

Nuh, Haryana, September 02: Several hundred people gathered from different parts of the Mewat region for a Mahapanchayat here on Thursday and demanded justice for the families whose two members were killed and two young women were gang-raped by robbers last week.

Last Wednesday (24 Aug), four-five robbers broke into a home after midnight in Dingerheri village in Mewat district of Haryana, looted valuables and killed the couple Ibrahim and his wife Rashidan when they resisted. Minutes later, they broke into their relatives' home, about 200 metres away. There they tied another couple with the bed in the veranda and brutally beat them up. Then three of the robbers took turns to rape a minor girl and her married cousin who were sleeping in the room. The injured couple are admitted in hospital. The police have lodged FIR on the complaint of the gang-rape victims.

This Muslim woman and her husband were brutally beaten up by the robbers in Mewat of Haryana on 24 Aug 2016. (Photo -

On 28 Aug (four days after the incident), police have arrested four accused. According to The Indian Express, the accused aged between 20-28 years have been identified by the Police as Sandeep, Amarjeet, Karamjeet and Rahul. All four live in Mohammadpur Ahir village, about 3 km away from Dingerheri.

In protest against the killings and gang-rape, a huge panchayat was held by Mewati Muslims here on Thursday. They demanded harsh punishment to the culprits. In show of solidarity, Hindus living in the area also took part in the panchayat and supported the demand.

To show solidarity with the victim families, Swaraj Abhiyan leader Yogendra Yadav also attended the mahapanchayat.

Mohammad Salim Engineer (2nd from left), Secretary General and Nusrat Ali (2nd from right), Vice President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind in Mewat, Haryana on 1st Sep 2016 (Photo -

Meanwhile, a high-level delegation of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind visited the hospital where the injured are being treated. They also visited the homes of the victims and met the family members. They offered all support to them.

Addressing the crowd, Mohammad Salim Engineer, Secretary General of Jamaat who was accompanied by Vice President Nusrat Ali, said: "We are with you. Culprits must be so harshly punished that people can learn a lesson. Until harsh punishment is meted out in such cases, justice will not be done. Compensation or job are small things, first is justice to victims." He also demanded that the culprits, irrespective of which religion they belong to, must not be spared.

 Swaraj Abhiyan leader Yogendra Yadav (c) at Mahapanchayat in Mewat, Haryana on 1st Sep 2016 (Photo -

Speaking to, Salim Engineer said, "The incident seems to have been planned to create terror and fear among the Muslims here. The culprits want to create an atmosphere of terror and horror in the Mewat region and ultimately they want to create a communal polarisation."

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All these convicted culprits are real menace to public. They must be offered with death penalty and it has to done in front of public in conforms with Islamic law.

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