August 09, 2016

ரெயின்கோ நிறுவனத் தலைவரின், கண்ணீரை சிந்தவைக்கும் உன்னத பேச்சு (வீடியோ)

Rainco குழும நிருவனத்தின் தலைவH S.L.M. Fausz ஹாஜியார் நிகழ்வொன்றின் போது ஆற்றிய உரையே இது.

Life Talks - S.L.M. Fausz. Chairman - Rainco (Pvt) Ltd.

4 கருத்துரைகள்:

May Allah give him a long life ..
he is really good person with Islamic ethics and real motivation...He can do what all Hajj Naleem did his Wealth..Al Hajj fauz can our community with his knowledge and experience what Al Hajj Naleem did with his wealth money ..
His academy can be a role model to our country to help all drop out from school..
But his academy should take into students form all communities on the basis of talents and he should have a good team of professionals with international exposure and experience..
What industries good for next generation...
Is it manufacturing sector or service sector..

Today some most wanted professionalsomething are nursing, teaching, computer sectors, marketing and financial sectorservices and health and some engineering service sector..
I have learned a lot from his presentations..
His Islamic sprit is very high
His motivation and morals are high
May Allah give long life ..
I can say he could have been second Naleem HajI had he been started his community work in his youth ..but still he has a lot to offer and we pray Allah to give him long life

Excellent speech. Hence you like to serve our community, I suggest to work out something to unite our communiity, atleast to start fasting on a same day and celebrate EID altogeather on a same day. What we need right now is unity.

A good narrative of useful practical experiences than complicated theories. Several examples that could be taken from him to face realities in life and succeed.

masha Allah when he was born during flood Allah reminded him he had job with protection of rain water also Allah flourished him with wealth and above all wealth of knowledge. May Allah keep us all in straight path.

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