July 07, 2016

This Eid and Muslim Ummah

-by Omer Mukthar-

          Muslim world celebrates Eid amidst of chaotic situation in most of parts of Muslim world today.  Iraq is burning, Syria is being destroyed, Afghanistan and Pakistan are unstable, Somalia is facing existential threat, Yemen is waiting for another man-made disaster, Palestine is long bleeding, Turkey is fighting for its stability, Libya is paying the price for its disunity, Egypt is weeping for justice and good governance, and gulf rich countries are celebrating Eid while millions of Muslim around them in Syria, Palestine and Iraq are starving to death or struggling to survive.

           People of these war torn countries did not do any crime except they asked for their basic rights to free themselves from grips of dictators. Their democratic struggles have been heavily criticised by those clerics who live luxurious palaces under with easy money gained from natural resources of oil and gas.

           it is said that if Arab countries did not have oil and gas they would have been far better than they are now. They would have been more united as they were in olden days. They would have protected Arab dignity and good quality of their ancestors. While millions of Arab people are literally dying in front of their eyes these Arab leaders have become ineptitude in modern day politics.

          While Iran and Russia are bombarding Syria and killing thousands of people, oil rich leaders could not do anything to stop it...Their influence in the world is almost diminished and they become laughing stocks.

          It seems they have been used by western powers as curry leaves, yet, Islamic scholars and academics are puzzled what to do and how to deal with this pathetic situation.

           some resorted to fatalism and predestination theories. They argue that everything happens with the wisdom of Allah and you cannot do anything for the thing doom to happen.  They argue it is with divine wisdom all take place So, if thousands are killed it is divine wisdom. Nothing could have stopped it. What a fatalistic thinking is this?

      we agree with that logic and yet, we are blessed with intellect and free will to take action and protect millions of people who are engulfed in this war. We cannot wait and see until impending calamity take place. After all it is a man made one.

       another group of people stand still in front of all these occurrences and they are not keen to act rather they are supplicating to ease the situation of Ummah. This is no much difference between first and second group of people.

      Third groups of people face these challenges and work hard day and nights to help out whose people who are trapped in this bloody war. This group of people see this is a testing time for Muslim ummah. Through these trials Allah tests his servants to see who is working for weak and needy in Muslim community.  Amidst of all dangers we have seen this group of people go to Syria with track loads of food and supplies.

            We are celebrating Eid at this crucial time in our history. I think in this Eid; Each Muslim cleric should highlight these problems in Eid sermon to remind worldwide Muslim communities about this. At least we should have some remorse and concern for the brothers and sisters who are effected in all these countries. This Eid is not a day of celebration rather a day of mourning for Muslim Ummah in many part of world. Let us share our sympathy and empathy while we are celebrating our Eid. While we are having our Eid let us remember them in our prayers. May Allah protect them all.

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