July 19, 2016

அஸாதுதீன் உவைஸியை கைதுசெய்ய முயற்சி

உவைசி'யை கைது செய்ய கையெழுத்து இயக்கம் நடத்தும் காவிகள்..!

Telangana State BJP is launching a signature campaign on Wednesdaydemanding arrest of MIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi for his alleged support to ISIS modules arrested by NIA recently.

The signature drive would be launched near Chandana Brothers in Dilsukhnagar tomorrow at 11 am. The campaign was against terrorism and demanding arrest of Asaduddin Owais, who is also president of MIM, who had said that his party would provide legal aid to suspected terrorists arrested by NIA in last month.

BJP state president Dr K Laxman, party’s greater Hyderabad president B Venkat Reddy and others would participate in the campaign.
 It may be mentioned here that the Saroornagar police have already filed a sedition case against Asaduddin Owaisi on the direction of Ranga Reddy District Court recently. (NSS)

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