July 17, 2016

சிங்கக் குட்டியாக இருந்தால், வெளியே வா - ஜாகிர் நாயக் சவால்

ஸ்டூடியோ'வுக்குள் இருக்கும்போது..
'எலி' கூட 'புலி' போல காட்சி தரும்...
நீ சிங்கக் குட்டியாக இருந்தால்..
'ஸ்டுடியோ'வை விட்டு வெளியே வா..!
'அர்னாப் கோஸ்வாமி'க்கு 'டாக்டர் ஜாகிர் நாயக்' சவால்..!!


Dr Zakir Naik who was online via Skype from Medina in Saudi Arabia to address the media had a lengthy interaction with them on Friday.

Accusing Times Now Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami in specific for making false allegations against him, Dr. Naik called him as a ‘chooha’ (mouse), and issued an open challenged to Goswami to come out and have a debate with him.

“Studio ke andar chooha bhi sher banta hai, sher ka bachcha hai to bahar aao!” (inside a studio, even a mouse feels like a lion, if you’re a lion cub, step out!),” said Naik to Arnab.

Dr Naik hit out at Arnab for terming him a terrorist “Listen what Arnab Goswami says. He said anyone who supports terrorist is also a terrorist. Does he know there are millions of people watching my channel? I have million of followers across the world. All these people, according to Arnab Goswami, are terrorist. I want know how big is you prison,” said Naik in the press conference.

“I challenge Arnab Goswami to come on neutral platform rather than holding an agenda-driven debates,” said Zakir Naik.

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Dr.Zakir! Don't do the debate with this fool. He is not talent person for debate with you

எப்படி வௌியே வருவான்??? இருக்கும் இடத்தில் இருந்து கொண்டால்தானே அவனுக்கு சௌக்கியம்.

அதூ முடியாது

Cowards will not accept challenges

Nishanthan then who is Prabakaran ?

The lairs masks have to be tore. All the lairs have to plug their face in to the mud

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